IM Business Models Creating Your Membership Site

IM Business Models Creating Your Membership Site

The good news is that creating a membership site is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to create a website or blog as you normally would – using WordPress ( and then to install a plugin that will handle the recurring fee on your behalf. These include ‘A Member’ ( and ‘MemberMouse’ (

The hard part here then, is getting people to want to subscribe to your blog or website when they are so used to getting content online for free. (“Membership Model”) To make it worthwhile, you are going to have to offer something that they feel they cannot get elsewhere or that is more valuable than what they are used to getting for free.

Building a big community is also a wonderful way to do this, as people love getting interaction with others who are interested in their topic, and they love feeling as though they are a part of an ‘exclusive’ membership program. (“Membership Model”) It is like being in a secret club!

The examples we looked at both do this very well. In the case of, you have a community discussing things that are potentially unbelievably valuable (raising IQ and life extension) and information that is not available everywhere. This lends itself very well to the ‘underground website’ mentality and makes becoming a member very appealing. (“Membership Model”)

“Meanwhile, provides skills and training that someone might be able to use to earn more money.” (“Membership Model”) Thus, they are getting real value for money, and they may even be able to consider it as an investment.

Your job when creating your membership site then is to create something that is exciting, exclusive, and rare so that people are willing to pay to become a part of it. (“Membership Model”) And often this is going to involve giving some content away for free to demonstrate the value on offer.


“Note that there is another option available for those looking to make money from paid content.” (“Membership Model”) YouTube has a ‘paid content’ option that allows you to keep certain videos behind a pay wall. This is a great option as YouTube will make it easier for you to manage payments and to promote your content. Check out how to do this here:

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