IM Business Models How to Get Started and Succeed!

IM Business Models How to Get Started and Succeed!

The problem with running a blog is that it is not easy. For a blog to become profitable, it is often necessary for you to be getting hundreds of thousands of views a day and to have a smart form of monetization in place. (“IM Business Models: Blogging”)

The question is, how do you get to this point?

Setting Up a Blog

Thankfully, setting up a blog is an effortless process. To do this, you will need to find a hosting account and a domain name, and you will want to use a CMS such as WordPress.

A hosting account is what gives you the ‘space’ to store your files on the web. You will be paying a monthly or yearly fee to rent space on a ‘server’ which is a giant computer that remains constantly connected to the web. You place your website files on that, and it ensures they can be served up when someone wants to find them. (“IM Business Models: Blogging”)

To find those files though, your visitors will need to use your domain name or URL. This is the address that people will type to find your website and this address is going to point at the specific directory within the server so that people are shown your website when they navigate there. (“IM Business Models: Blogging”)

Fortunately, finding hosting and a domain name are both easy tasks and should not set you back too much more than $200 a year to begin with (tops). This is where creating a SaaS business would be much more complicated – as you would need a lot more space and speed from the server to let thousands of users upload and edit files as they needed to. (“IM Business Models: Blogging”)

A splendid example of a hosting site that also offers domain name registration and web hosting is Blue Host ( A quick search on Google though will yield many, many more. (“Simple Tips on Blogging for Success and Making Money Online”)

Next comes the CMS. CMS stands for ‘Content Management System’ and what this is, is a tool that will allow you to easily change the look of your website and to add and delete pages of content.

The best-known CMS is WordPress, and it is highly recommended that you go this route. (“Simple Tips on Blogging for Success and Making Money Online”) WordPress will allow you to create a website in minutes rather than months, it will manage your files and it will look highly professional. WordPress is not a ‘beginners’ tool by any means but is a professional piece of CMS software that is used by many of the biggest brands on the planet. (“IM Business Models: Blogging”)

Huge websites like Forbes, the BBC and Mashable use WordPress, as do the successful blogs we mentioned. Using WordPress also ensures your site will be compatible with a ton of useful tools and features including WooCommerce and Amember. It also means you will have a community of people out there who can help with any technical troubles you may be having and that your site will be easy for most web developers to understand and edit. In short, WordPress makes life much easier for you and makes your site far more professional. It is tried, evaluated, and known to succeed… so why go with anything else? (“IM Business Models: Blogging”)

If you choose a prominent hosting service like Bluehost, then the option to install WordPress will even be right there in the control panel meaning it takes just one click. (“Simple Tips on Blogging for Success and Making Money Online”)

“All that said, there are other CMS options if you would prefer.” (“Simple Tips on Blogging for Success and Making Money Online”) One is Joomla! ( which is like WordPress and offers a lot of flexibility. It is a lot fiddlier though and there is less support available – mostly it is used in house for companies creating backend software. Another popular choice is Drupal, which is again much more complicated. Of course, you could always create your own CMS or forego having one at all, but either of these choices will drastically increase your workload while putting your business at more risk. (“IM Business Models: Blogging”)

Note: There are other options that do not require self-hosting, such as Blogger. However, this is an inferior tool for multiple reasons. Not only do hosted options mean you cannot choose your own URL, but they also tend to be extremely limited in terms of space, bandwidth, and the other elements of your website.

Blogger is also highly limited in terms of the features it offers for building your own web design. In other words, if you want to create a proper website with the potential to grow and scale into something that will earn a lot of money, you cannot use something like Blogger. (“Simple Tips on Blogging for Success and Making Money Online”)

To Your Success, Coyalita

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