IM Business Models Introduction

IM Business Models Introduction

“There are countless excellent reasons to be interested in earning money online and it is no exaggeration to say that this is a decision that can change your entire life.” (“What You Need to Know About IM Business Models”)

Earning money online is appealing primarily to many people for the freedom that it affords them. If you can earn money online, then it means that you can work from anywhere in the world. For some people this then means working from home, which is a fantastic way to have a much more relaxed lifestyle. Imagine if you had no commute, if you could select your working hours, or if you could work in bed when the mood took you? (“IM Business Models – eBook”)

Others will be more ambitious with their ability to work from home and will instead use it to travel the world as a ‘digital nomad.’ (“Most Successful Online Business”) If you have an online business model that works, then you can earn a living anywhere in the world if you have a laptop and an internet connection. Why not see the world and have some amazing experiences along the way?

This opens a whole new concept called ‘lifestyle design.’ Lifestyle design means deciding what kind of life you would like to live and then producing a career plan to fit that lifestyle – rather than falling into a job and then being forced to change your life around that. (“Start Your Online Business”)

“It is not just the lack of commute that makes working online ‘freer’ though either.” (“What You Need to Know About IM Business Models”) “Many online business models have the distinct advantage of being forms of ‘passive’ income.” (“What You Need to Know About IM Business Models”) “What this means is that you can earn money even while you are sleeping or relaxing with friends.” (“Most Successful Online Business”) If you are very smart with your online business model; you can end up generating massive income while spending truly little time working! (“Money – New Flex Career”)

But there are other massive benefits to earning money online too. For
example, earning money through an online business model means that you are running your own business and that is a highly rewarding and satisfying experience. (“What You Need to Know About IM Business Models”) You can do something you really care about and be your own boss with your own company name, your own logo, and your own mission statement. (“Money – New Flex Career”)

“Then there is the fact that you can potentially earn much more online.” (“Most Successful Online Business”) Most of the best online business models are highly scalable and have extraordinarily little overheads. With you being the sole earner and even the sole employee to begin with, you can generate a massive amount of money and progress much more quickly than you would do by climbing the corporate ladder in a traditional manner. (“Money – New Flex Career”)

But perhaps that all sounds a bit like a pipe dream? Do you not think you have what does it takes to be a successful internet marketer, website owner or app developer?

It turns out that this type of business is more common than you think. And it is becoming much more common too. Likely, these online business models are a glimpse into the future. “One day, we may find that very few of us end up working in stuffy, corporate environments.” (“Money – New Flex Career”)

To demonstrate just how possible this is today, read on to see some impressive statistics regarding online business…

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