IM Business Models Other Business Models That Are Working

IM Business Models Other Business Models That Are Working

Indeed, there are many other ways of making money online, and we only scratched the surface.

A few other models worth mentioning are:

Fiverr. This is a marketplace where you can sell or buy services for five dollars. A few remarkable success stories are from those offering web design, writing and administrative services.

Coaching. This is a huge industry where clients are willing to pay thousands for all sorts of coaching – spiritual, business, health, fitness and much more. If you have an expertise in a particular niche, then it is worth looking at offering to coach others how to do the same.

Video marketing. They are making a living from posting videos on YouTube. Monetization is usually made via Ads and sometimes even sponsorship. There are also people who intentionally create videos to get ranked at the top of the search engines and then drive those viewers to their website or affiliate link.

Lead generation. Companies are paying top dollars to get targeted leads to then convert to paying customers. You could become the “agent” who collects and builds the leads to then sell to these companies.

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