IM Business Models SEO and Other Ways to Market a Blog

IM Business Models SEO and Other Ways to Market a Blog

So as an internet marketer, you are using your blog to sell products of various descriptions, to generate clicks or otherwise to drive people to your business model.

So, you are using your blog as a marketing tool. (“The real reason your blog isn’t making money (and what to …”) But to do that, you need to market the blog itself as well.

One way you will do this no doubt is through SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. (“How to Write an Engaging Blog Post”) SEO allows you to promote your website through Google by ‘optimizing’ it for search. One way you do this is by adding lots of content to your blog, as this is what people will be searching for when they type something in. At the same time, you want to make sure that it is the right people who are finding you and that means that you should be including the important ‘keywords’ right in your content: phrases that people will search to find what it is that you are offering. (“Creating Blog Posts”)

So, if you sell hats, then your ‘keyword’ might be ‘buy hats online.’ You do not want to repeat this phrase too often as it will make your site look like spam and it may get blocked. Instead, then, aim to incorporate around 1-2% keyword density and to write naturally ‘around’ the subject as well. Posting lots of content is also a good move as it ensures that your site loads quickly and works well on mobile – Google takes all these things into account. (“How to Write an Engaging Blog Post”)

The other aspect of SEO is building a ‘backlink profile.’ That means making sure that there are lots of websites out there that are linking to you – and that those websites are relevant and high quality. (“Creating Blog Posts – ContentXpress”)

Other ways you can promote your website include building a large following on social media (once again, the key to success here is to make sure you are providing value) and to build a big mailing list so you can keep people coming back. (“Creating Blog Posts – ContentXpress”)

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