IM Business Models Statistics

IM Business Models Statistics About Online Earning

• 8% of affiliate marketers earn $50K-$100K
• 12% of affiliate marketers earn over $100K
• Many affiliate products offer up to 75% commission!
• Over one third of businesses are introducing a ‘digital transformation program’ buying
into the promise of earning money online (“Start Your Online Business”)
• Another third has already put such a program in place!
• In 2015, content marketing generated 3 times as many leads for businesses as traditional marketing
• 73% of B2B organizations use video marketing
• 78% of companies have dedicated social media departments
• 91% of all consumers check their e-mail daily
• 66% of US customers over 15 have purchased a product via an email ad campaign
• Email advertising has a ROI of 4,300%

• One in five Americans now work from home (thanks to the internet) (“Money – New
Flex Career”)
• That totals 53 million freelance Americans
• 54% of marketers believe SEO will be more in demand (“What You Need To Know
About IM Business Models”)
• 96% of marketers rely on search engine optimization
• Ironically, search engine optimization is the most popular search term on Google
relating to marketing. (“What You Need to Know About IM Business Models”)
• Search ads accounted for $9.1 billion of advertising spend during the first half of 2014.

I could go on and on!

So, the point is, earning money online is indeed something that is going up and that increased people and businesses are becoming interested in. It is not rare or unusual to earn money online now – it is something that over fifty million Americans are doing, and even big businesses are now doing most of their business online. (“Start Your Online Business”)

What is more, is that this eBook is going to show you just how easy it is to start marking money online. As you will see there are countless different methods you can use to earn money online and many of them are incredibly simple and do not require any upfront investments.

If you are so inclined, you can go start making money online this evening.

And that is another exciting thing to consider. Earning money online is something that you can do on top of your current job. This does not have to mean taking the frightening step of giving up your current job and putting all your eggs in one basket. (“Money – New Flex Career”) You can start earning money online today and only ever must leave your job once you are making a stable income and you decide it is safe and sensible to do so. Or you can continue running a ‘side business’ on top of your current career indefinitely and potentially double, triple or quadruple your income! (“Start Your
Online Business”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita
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