IM Business Models Your Action Plan

IM Business Models Your Action Plan

With all these different models available, it is impossible to lay out one plan that will appeal to everyone. Though, these are the steps you should take…

  1. Think over the different business models we have discussed. Assess your current situation, your contacts, and any marketing you have done in the past and identify what will work best for you.
  2. Choose products and a niche that you already know about and that you are happy to work with.
  3. At the same time, start as small as possible. Minimize the investment and the risk involved and focus on creating one small, easy business model that has been tried and assessed.
  4. This will normally involve finding an audience and providing value. That means finding your target market, finding a way to reach them, and showing them the product.
  5. Reinvest some of your profits into growing your business. That may mean investing in more marketing for your affiliate products, or it may mean investing in more inventory.
  6. Build a website and grow it to generate your own audience. Eventually, this will become an excellent asset to you because it will provide you with your own effective route to the market.
  7. Either repeat the business model that has worked for you (selling one affiliate product? Time to sell two!) or branch out into the next area.
  8. Keep refining and perfecting your business model and keep on growing!

So, that for which are you waiting? You have seen how easy it is – now go out there and start earning from one of these models!

IMPORTANT: To help you further act, print out a copy of the Checklist and Mind map I provided. You will also find a Resource Cheat Sheet with valuable sites, posts, and articles that I recommend you go through.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Thank you for joining me on this “IM Business Models” Adventure. I hope that I have given you something to consider within these pages and set your feet upon your own adventure in the development of your own success with the information given you throughout this eBook. “Here is to Your Success!”


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