Email Copy that Sells Injecting “Power Words” & Phrases

Email Copy that Sells Injecting “Power Words” & Phrases into Your Email Copy

Injecting “Power Words” & Phrases into Your Email Copy  There are certain words that can motivate people. They are called Power Words.

What are power words? Power words are words which create a picture in your mind. This is because we associate emotions and actions with powerful words. (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”)

Here are some of my favorite power words I like to use and examples of how to use them in your email subject line and body:


People have a thing with brand new products. They are tired of old and recycled material. They know if you are announcing something that is brand new, it is something you have not released or talked about before.

Use “brand new” in your subject line and you will experience an increase in email open rates.

Example: Brand New Software Generates Articles In 1-Click


Works like “brand new,” but this is a shorter version when your email subject line takes too many characters. I do prefer Brand New over New though. (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”)

Example: New Software Generates Articles In 1-Click


Using the word Amazing makes your offer sound irresistible. Do use it sparingly. Do not overuse it.

Example: Amazing New Software Generates Articles In 1-Click

This amazing tool knows exactly what people are buying


This is an excellent choice of words if you are offering services or graphics templates. “When I sell graphics packages, I like to use Professional to describe the graphics.” (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”) With services, it gives the impression that your customers are dealing with someone who cares about their reputation.

Examples: 100 Professional Banner Graphics for Your Websites

Professional web hosting services


Although this word may attract freebie seekers, it is still a powerful word when combined with the right offer. (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”)

“I see a lot of marketers trying to avoid spam filers by putting periods in the “free” word, like f.ree or f.r.e.e. Yes, “free” seems to be in the database of spammy words.” (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”) The only way your email will be considered spam is if you overuse the word. That would trigger a red flag.

If you use an autoresponder like AWeber, you’ll be able to use its spam rating tool, and you’ll find that it doesn’t make much of a difference using the word ‘Free’. (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”) So, rest assured, use the word free where appropriate.

Examples: Download Your Free 27-Page Report!

Free video tutorial on keyword research


The word says it all. Why wouldn’t anyone want something powerful?

Example: Powerful Web Hosting Plans for All Users


People love systematic approaches. It gives them a clear path to achieving a target without all the fluff.

Examples: New Traffic System Generates Thousands of Visitors…

Here is a simple system to get more leads


“This is a classic Internet marketing buzzword we love using in all our copy.” (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”) Why? Because it always works! Who would not want to know a secret? Besides, a secret really is something that you do not know yet. (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”)

Examples: Discover the one secret of 7 successful entrepreneurs…

Secrets top real estate agents do not want you to know


Generate is an extremely powerful word. Who would not want a tool that generates thousands of visitors to their website? Of course, this word only makes sense when you are selling software, a system, a process, etc. It does not make sense to use it in a niche like gardening!

“The word Generates gives the impression that a tool or system does all the work for you.” (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”)

Examples: This simple tool generates niche blogs in minutes!

How to generate 2,000 new Facebook Fans today


Now tell me who would not want a guide on how to live the 4-hour work week or increase their metabolism? A guide is a powerful word to use in your marketing since you are selling digital products anyway.

Example: Here is your free guide to travelling around the world on a shoestring budget


Like the word Guide, you can use Step-by-Step or even combine the two to make it even more powerful. ‘Step-by-Step’ is a word targeted to any level or status, especially for a beginner. If you can provide a step-by-step solution to getting rid of a problem, then you are right where the money is. I have been using ‘step-by-step’ in my subject lines quite frequently these days as my stats reveal that open rates are higher when used. (“Email Copy That Sells Copyright 2015 1”)

Examples: Your Step-By-Step guide to losing ten pounds in 7 days…

Step-By-Step video tutorial on designing minisites

How To

One of the best-selling books in self-help is ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie. It has sold over 15 million copies. Doesn’t that give you a hint?

Everyone wants a How To approach achieving a goal.

Examples: How to eliminate your belly fat in 3 steps…

How To generate a ton of leads & sales


People are naturally eager to discover new things. We are curious creatures. ‘Discover’ will make your readers curious and excited.

Examples: Discover how to read a 200+ page book in 10 minutes

Discover 7 Simple Steps to Burning Belly Fat


I cannot begin to tell you how powerful the word You/Your is, and I am not trying to over-hype it here.

The one main emotion people want to feel is importance. They want attention. People want to feel important. They want to feel special. Boost their ego by using this power word.

What you want to do is talk as if you are having a conversation with a friend. So, avoid saying things like “I wrote this special report for all my subscribers.” Instead, say something like “I wrote this special report for you.”

Example: Here’s Your 27-Page Report You Can Download

Notice I used TWO You/Your words (even more powerful).

Instant Access

People do not have time to waste. They want to purchase and get access to your product right now. Of course, this would only be relevant if you are selling digital products such as eBooks and software.


Get Instant Access To 7 Free Videos!

27 Best Productivity Tips (Instant Access)

Buy Email Copy that Sells Now

 Best Wishes, Coyalita

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