LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for BusinessBusiness Tools Members of LinkedIn have a number of tools at their disposal, which if employed correctly make the site good for business.

These cover brand awareness, marketing, customer interaction and general business activities.

Business Pages

By creating a business page with LinkedIn, companies are developing their brand awareness. On many social networking sites like Facebook this is a simple case of self-advertising, maybe a little social interaction, but is really just aimed at gathering ‘likes.’

As LinkedIn is developed in the direction of helping businesses, it has created a range of tools and options for businesses. Many of these are outlined below.

Brand Building




Client Acquisition

And More…

Perhaps the most important one of all, is brand building. Such is the power of LinkedIn, if you have a company page on the social network; it is likely to be towards the top of the first page of any Google, Yahoo!

Alternatively, Bing search is related to your company. This means at a stroke, a well set out profile will enhance your company’s visibility online.

It is very important for companies to promote themselves. As well as marketing and advertising (see below), companies want to get their message out to the general public.

Status updates allow you to release news, snippets, previews and much more to all your staff and followers in real time.

This saves you time and money having to pay for press releases or news spots. There are a number of tech savvy news sites out there that specialize in finding company updates on LinkedIn and spinning them into stories.

Having a slick profile is one thing, but LinkedIn has several tools that allow users to prove their quality. The first is a recommendation system where users can give an appraisal of a person or company.

The second is the Answer! system. Any user can answer questions on a variety of topics, but if a company specializing in a certain field answers all questions in that field and answers them well, then users will be alerted to the quality and knowledge of that company.

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