List Building Mistakes to Avoid Mistake #10

List Building Mistakes to Avoid Mistake #10: Failing to Monetize

List Building Mistakes to Avoid Mistake #10: Failing to Monetize while it is especially important to provide your list with fresh, useful, and free content, resources, and information, you are in the business of email marketing so that you can build a profitable business and you need to get into the habit of monetizing your list right from the start. (“Traffic Booster Secret – Bonus Page –”)

“Here are a few ways to quickly monetize your lists:” (“Email List Building: 6 Mistakes to Avoid | Boat Marketing Pros”)

1) Affiliate Products

“You can promote third party products to your list, where you will earn a commission each time one of your subscribers purchases the product using your referral link.” (“Email List Building: 6 Mistakes to Avoid | Boat Marketing Pros”)

2) Sell Advertising Space

“There are many benefits of offering ad space within your newsletter including the fact that you can set your own price structure based on the number of subscribers you currently have the exposure that you are able to offer to potential advertisers and sponsors, increasing your prices as your list grows.” (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

“You can also consider solo mailings at a higher price once your list has grown enough to make it worth their while.” (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

“With offering ad space within your newsletter, you are in full control of the types of advertisements that you accept, so if you currently have your own product line, you could avoid promoting competing products.” (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

“To set up a successful advertising program, you will need to be able to provide detailed statistics and demographics regarding your subscriber base.” (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

I recommend building your list to at least 1,000 subscribers prior to offering advertising space so that you can offer greater value to potential advertisers who are looking to maximize exposure for their products and services. (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

3) Sell Resale Rights & Private Label Products

Resale Rights & Private label products are pre-created content that is available for resale, either with “transferable’ rights (where you are allowed to transfer the right to sell the product to your customers) or with personal rights where only you are allowed to sell or distribute it. (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

What you want to do is purchase high quality reports, articles, eBooks, video courses, software and other material that is of high quality and relevant to your list, then set them up on your web host and promote them to your subscriber base.

4) Create Your Own Products

“With direct access to potential customers, you already know the types of products or services they are interested in, so the next logical step is to create your very own product or service catering to your existing subscriber base.” (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

“Consider surveying your subscribers to determine what types of products or services they would be interested in and create a secondary squeeze page so that subscribers can choose to join your new newsletter to receive information on when your product is ready to launch.” (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

“This will help you determine the overall demand for specific products prior to creating them.” (“marketing | Gls55holdings’s Blog”)

Best Wishes, Coyalita

Thank You for joining me once again on this Adventure of “List Building Mistakes to Avoid” I do hope that I have given you a load of tips and tricks so you will not journey down the wrong road in your marketing efforts. Here is to Your Success!