List Profit Boost Article Marketing

List Profit Boost Article Marketing

List Profit Boost Article Marketing is amazingly effective (and free!) “Marketing strategy and for many of us, end up being our primary force behind generating consistent traffic to our squeeze pages.” (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

With article marketing, it is all about offering high quality, relevant content that targets your market and propels them into investigating your resource box and visiting your website to find out more about you.

Article marketing is extremely easy to set up, and even if you are not a proficient writer, you can easily outsource article creation to affordable, high-quality writers. (“7 Figure List Building”)

Even if your budget is exceedingly small, there is no reason you cannot compile a small package of articles, spanning from 300-500 words in length that are highly targeted and relevant to your squeeze page’s topic.

Start out by submitting 3-5 articles every week, and before you know it, your article campaign will generate consistent traffic to your squeeze pages. “As you continue to expand on the number or articles in circulation, you will be able to generate more traffic on a regular basis.” (“7 Figure List Building”)

Just make sure that the articles you do submit into article directories are exceptionally beautifully written and targeted. (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

These articles represent you and your brand, and you want your readers to be impressed with the quality as they are going to base your other products on the information found within your article content. (“List Building Simplified – Wildfire Concepts”)

Pay attention when constructing your author’s resource box (which is attached to each article that you submit.)

This resource box is the only place in which you are allowed to include external links and you want to include a call to action that motivates your reader into clicking on your link and visiting your squeeze page.

You also want to use anchor text whenever possible, so that not only are you able to generate traffic from article directories, but you can also rank for specific keywords within the search engines.

Example: “Click on the link for more free article marketing tips and techniques.”

Then in another article, I could use a different resource box that featured a slightly different keyword anchor such as:

‘Click on the link below for a free guide to article marketing for newbies!’

Just the same, be sure to include your primary and long tail keywords within your article’s content itself, so that your article content appears within search results for both the main search engines like, as well as via the internal search utility on the article directory websites.

Here are a few article directories to get started:

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