List Profit Boost Getting Started: The Tools You Need

List Profit Boost Getting Started: The Tools You Need “List building is all about connecting with your target audience by offering them high quality information in exchange for their subscription.” (“The Free List Building Course – Business 2 Community”)

“Once a subscriber is a confirmed member of your list, you can begin sending promotional based follow up emails in balance with relevant and useful content based on your overall market.” (“Email Marketing Tips for Success”)

Email marketers (like you!) collect leads using a combination of squeeze pages and opt-in forms. (“EMAIL CASH SYSTEM – Apps on Google Play”) “These forms are generated by your autoresponder provider and are embedded into the HTML code of your squeeze page template.” (“List building Madness MRR eBook | Private Label Rights”)

“Each time a visitor to your squeeze page enters in their name and email address, they are added to your mailing list database, and become an active subscriber of your newsletter.” (“Email Marketing Tips for Success”)

List building helps facilitate the process of converting subscribers into active customers, since once your prospect has been added to our mailing list, you are able to develop a relationship with them, that will encourage sales as well as repeat sales (which will make up most of your email marketing income). (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

To begin building a profitable email marketing campaign however, you will need to make sure that you have all the tools that are required, including: (“NEW PLR – “List Building Profits Plr eBook” Download!!”)

1) Professional Autoresponder Account

With autoresponder services like Aweber and Get response you can set up an unlimited number of mailing lists, each one featuring customized code that serves as your opt-in box. “By segmenting your lists, you will be able to tailor your emails so that they directly communicate with targeted groups of subscribers who are interested in specific information or topics.” (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

2) Squeeze Page

“A squeeze page houses your opt-in form and provides a place for your contacts to find you, evaluate what you are offering and make the decision to become an active subscriber of your list.” (“Guide To Squeeze Page Design – Email Marketing Mastery”)

A squeeze page is remarkably like a sales page in terms of its primary function is to pull in customers and motivate them to act, in this case, subscribe to your list. (“List Building Simplified”)

That call to action is essential in creating high performance squeeze pages, and you must place emphasis on ensuring that your visitors are directed to fill in the opt-in form, otherwise they will not be added to your list. (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

“You need to clearly direct visitors to enter in their name and email address as well as instruct them to confirm their request to join your list (if you are using double opt-in).” (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

One thing to keep in mind when developing your squeeze page is that it should motivate visitors in the same way that a traditional sales page should, however, the actual structure of your squeeze page will be vastly different. (“7 Figure List Building”)

With sales pages, they are typically designed to offer as much information about a particular product or service as possible, since the focus is on transforming a visitor into a customer. (“List Building and Profits Making Plan Now Revealed”)

With a squeeze page, you are not asking your visitor to decide to purchase or commit to anything other than to subscribe to your mailing list where they are rewarded with a free product. (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

“Keeping this offer or giveaway in mind, when you develop a squeeze page, you need to have a strong focus on your market, and design your offer around an existing problem, need or question.” (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

To produce the best incentive, offer possible, you will need to thoroughly evaluate your market, as well as competing offers so that you can create a relevant product that is in demand and likely to capture attention from your target audience. (“7 Figure List Building”)

“Squeeze pages should be designed to offer a clear navigation system, basic structure and template and a compelling offer.” (“7 Figure List Building”)

“To summarize, your list building funnel consists of three major parts:” (“List Building and Profits Making Plan Now Revealed”)

1: Squeeze Page with Opt-In Form

2: Compelling High-Quality Offer or Incentive

3: Follow Up Emails and Broadcasts

“We will discuss the anatomy of a successful squeeze page in an upcoming chapter, so that you can begin to develop your own.” (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

3) Giveaway (Incentive)

Your giveaway is the most crucial element on your squeeze page.

If your offer does not motivate visitors into subscribing, all your marketing efforts will be lost. This means that you need your offer to be of interest to most of your target market, rather than to a small group of subscribers. The higher the quality of your giveaway as well as the more relevant your offer is to your market, the easier it will be to recruit new subscribers. (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

There are many ways to ensure that the product you are giving away is of a high-perceived value by your subscriber base and likely to be successful in converting new subscribers. (“List Building Simplified”)

To start, consider the diverse types of products that are being successfully sold in online marketplaces and create a shorter version of a hot selling product, and offer it for free to anyone who subscribes to your list. (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

If competitors are successful in selling a similar product and you are giving away a high-quality product based on the same topic, imagine just how easy it will be to recruit visitors and subscribers to your site. (“7 Figure List Building – Moore Affiliate Mark”)

“And better yet, what better way to begin building a relationship with an active subscriber base than by offering them something of equal value with no strings (or price tag) attached!” (“List Building Simplified – Buzzinar”)

You could offer:

ØFree Reports or Ecourses

ØFree eBooks (full length or leaked chapters)

ØFree Software or WordPress Plugins

ØFree Video Tutorials (full length or intro / sales videos)

ØFree or Trial Access to a Membership Program

ØFree Booklet with “Top Tips”

ØFree Weekly Newsletter Subscription

ØFree templates or graphics

ØFree Audio Interviews, Lessons, Tutorials

The key to creating a successful giveaway product is in its overall relevancy and existing demand. You want to make sure that your target audience is actively searching for similar information, and that it is being sold successfully in the marketplace. If you do that, you will have little difficulty building a massive list of targeted prospects who will be eager to receive your emails and broadcasts. (“List Building and Profits Making Plan Now Revealed”)

If you plan to promote an eBook or e-course of some kind, an enormously powerful method of building a massive mailing list while generating new business for your product is by offering a leaked chapter of your info product. (“List Building Secrets”)

By offering this free chapter, you can provide new subscribers with a sample of the quality of your work, as well as generate buzz around your upcoming product launch. (“List Building and Profits Making Plan Now Revealed”)

If your product is professionally written, you will find it exceptionally easy to build a subscriber base of people who will purchase the full-length version when it launches. (“List Building and Profits Making Plan Now Revealed”)

“This is also a savvy method of creating a viral campaign for your upcoming launch as people pass around the ‘leaked chapter’ to everyone they know.” (“List Building Simplified”)

“If you are interested in outsourcing your project to experienced freelancers, you can easily find a trustworthy professional from the following freelance marketplaces:” (“List Building Simplified”)

Just make sure to provide your freelancer with a clear outline of what your project entails and be sure to follow up by requesting updates and reviewing the content as it’s created. (“Great List Building Strategies for Maximum Traffic and Income”)

You want to be available to your freelancer in the event they have questions about the project or need a bit of guidance. Consider signing up for a free Skype account at  and adding your freelancer to your contact list.

You could also consider using private label rights material to create your initial giveaway product.

You want to be careful doing this however, as it is important that you begin building a solid relationship with your subscriber base from the very beginning. (“Subscriber in a sentence | subscriber example sentences”) This means that the product you give away will represent your quality and overall brand.

If you do decide to use private label content, make sure that you spend time revising the material so that it blends well with your own personal style.

You want people to begin to recognize your brand, and become familiar with your work, so taking a few minutes to tweak and update the content will help to develop a product that is exclusively yours.

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