List Profit Boost Participate in Giveaways

List Profit Boost Participate in Giveaways

List Profit Boost Participate in Giveaways I’ve personally used giveaways as a way to build generic lists, and then by sending out targeted offers to my contacts, I am able to weed out the freebie seekers from active customers, and manage my lists more effectively, but using AWeber’ s built in filtering system to unsubscribe a user from one list when they subscribe to another.

What this means is that you can grow a large email list from giveaways and then offer specific downloads for different niches.

For example, if I were targeting the affiliate niche, and blogging niche, I would grow a quick list by participating in giveaways and then create two separate squeeze pages, one for each of my main niche markets. (“Getting Started: The Tools You Need – autoresponder”)

Then, I would email my entire (generic) list and offer them specific free downloads.

These filters out your list quickly and easily because as a subscriber joins a new list that is focused on a specific subject (internet marketing), they are automatically removed from my generic list and placed into a targeted one.

Using this strategy, you can take advantage of the exposure available by joining giveaway offers and unique events while still being able to build relevant mailing lists.

When joining giveaway websites, you will be required to offer a free download in the same way that you do on your own squeeze page.

“Once you have joined a giveaway as a contributor, you will be able to edit your gift so that it directs potential subscribers to your hosted squeeze page.” (“Email List Explosion”)

Subscribers join your list directly and are not managed by the giveaway host.

Here is a resource to keep you up to date on future giveaways that you can join as a contributor:

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