Massive Webinar Profits

Massive Webinar Profits

Massive Webinar ProfitsHow to Design Your Back-End Offer.

Any way you look at it, webinars are a useful sales tool. Merely offering a webinar may boost sales and heighten brand recognition, and there are dozens of ways you may use them to convert casual interest into real paying customers.

Make your backend offer an offer they can’t refuse and then lead up to it in your webinar.

Provide a free basic webinar to a longer, paid series. Having a complex training module can’t be done in just one webinar, and also, if you disclosed all your trade secrets for free your business would never profit.

Hosting a free session leading to a paid series is a valuable way to collect more paid subscribers, by supplying simply enough information to tempt people.

Provide a product discount as a bonus. Host a webinar, display your expertise and at the end, lead into subtle sales talk for a product and provide an exclusive discount to people who attended. Nothing is a bigger sales incentive than a one-time chance to get a good deal on a useful product.

Follow up once you’ve had a great presentation, keep the interest of your attendees with regular contact. Request feedback the following day, follow through with a sales pitch for one of your products or paid webinars and continue to supply value by inviting the same group to later sessions.

Identify an issue and an answer. Throughout your presentation, you ought to be hitting on hot buttons that describe common issues or frustrations. Seize their attention by making them feel like you’re talking right at them, describing what they thought were big challenges. Once they get it, offer a solution: your products or services!

Construct value. This is an area in which a lot of webinar facilitators fail. You have to show your expertise. Demonstrate your excitement about sharing a tool with them that will resolve their biggest issues, and make its value certain. Discuss the standard retail price of the product or service you’re going to use, how much time or cash they’ll save (or how much more cash they will make), and illustrate their cost savings for capitalizing on your one-time-only offer.

Produce urgency. Naturally, if you’re offering a limited-time discount, buyers have an incentive to make a prompt purchase decision. Add to that momentum by talking about results and communicating how much they’ll benefit by acting sooner instead of later.

Next, we will look at how to get a targeted audience to your webinar.

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