Massive Webinar Profits

Massive Webinar Profits

Massive Webinar ProfitsVideo 4A 

Overview: Why webinars are easy high tickets!

You’ve probably been on a webinar, web conference, online training, whatsoever the word is they utilize to identify it.

Webinars are a big hit in the IM world today, however they’ve in reality been used in all sorts of niches bringing in big money for years.

Most times the webinar itself really can be nothing more than education (no selling) and then other times it can be a combination of education and something to sell. This video is about how you are able to literally make big money utilizing Webinars.

One of the things you have to do is:
Simply make sure to put everybody on a level playing field. Let’s discuss what a basic webinar is. Many webinars, where it’s live, not recorded ones, can be run with several different platforms. Some can host up to 1000 individuals on a webinar.

A lot of other companies exist offering like services, however there are a couple that seem to be among the popular ones like  GoToWebinar.

Attendees are commonly invited through an e-mail invitation sent by the host or promoters of the webinar. You sign on, and will receive reminders along with a link to link up with the webinar during the scheduled time.

Many webinars are Voice over IP, meaning you’ll hear the Host(s) speaking through your PC speakers, and you won’t have the ability to talk. You will be able to communicate to the hosts and ask questions of the host through a ‘question’ panel inside the gotowebinar application.

Now GotoWebinar does let you speak into your microphone however many webinars aren’t arranged that way as there are too many individuals to have everybody talking.

The host will share their screen which will probably be a slide presentation, or some of the times doing live demos from their screen, however it’s unlikely any video (of the hosts) is called for, simply screen sharing.

People get the opportunity to ask questions throughout if the hosts are going to be receiving questions, or more frequently, they’ll leave a Q&A session near the end to answer any enquiries.

Next, we will look at how to register for GoToWebinar.

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