Mega Launch Blueprint Banner Ads

Mega Launch Blueprint Banner Ads

Promotional e-mails help you spread word of your launch to your list but how about the people who aren’t on your list? If you have an active website or other webpages, there is a stream of traffic into which you can tap. All you need are banner ads.

Banner ads are a form of online advertising. Web banners are embedded into a web page and serve as advertisements. They are intended to divert traffic to a specific website. When it comes to product launches, banner ads are usually linked to your sales page or sales letter.

You can also share your banners with your affiliates, so that they can use it on their sites and landing pages, as tools to promote your product launch. With banner ads, you get to make the most out of the web traffic that you and your joint venture partners receive daily.

Banner Elements

What elements should you include in your banner? Well, you should display your product name – have it bolded or use a larger font size to help it stand out.

If you have a product photo, put that in there as well as visuals tend to attract more clicks. If you do not have a product photo, a logo will do. Just make sure that it is displayed in full view without any obstructions.

If your banner size allows it, you can even have a sentence in the banner highlighting a strong benefit that your product offers. However, you do not want to cramp your banner ad with too much text. So, you should only include this when you have the space to accommodate it.

Another very vital element that you need to have been a Call-to-Action button. This should be a clickable button that links to your product’s sales page. The text on the button can read “Buy Now” or “Get it now” or “Learn More” – it is completely up to you.

Banner Design

As for the overall design, we would recommend that your banner ads follow the color scheme of your product’s sales page or whatever page your Call-to-Action button links to. There is nothing more off-putting than clicking on a link that directs you to a page that looks completely different from what you had in mind.

Keep the layout clean and uncluttered, with a flat design. Flat designs are more appealing nowadays and a loud, flashy banner ad is now seen as unappealing to the general masses.

Banner Sizes

Now that you know the essential elements of a successful banner ad, it is time to choose your banner sizes. You want to have at least 3 to 5 different-sized banner ads designed. Because you will be sharing these banners with your affiliate network, you never know which sizes of banners would work best on their own websites, so it is good to offer variation.

If you are unsure of what banner sizes to choose, here are some common banner sizes which you may want to investigate. You can also look online for the list of standard banner sizes to find the ones which suit you and your affiliate network best.

  • 250×250 pixel banners are sometimes referred as “square pop-ups”. Banners of this size are great for pop ups.
  • 728×90 pixel banners are known as “leaderboards”. These work best when they are placed at the top of a webpage. It offers lots of usable space.
  • 160×600 pixel banners or, “wide skyscrapers”, work best when they are placed along the sidebars of webpages. These types of banners are good at accommodating product images.
  • 336×280 pixel banners are also called “large rectangles”. You can usually use these ate the bottom corners of webpages or at the end of articles.
  • 300×600 pixel banners are known as “half page”. Gives you lots of space to play around with. Usually placed along the edges of webpages.

Mega Launch Blueprint

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