Mega Launch Blueprint Digital Products

Mega Launch Blueprint Digital Products


Once you have done your research, you can move on to creating your digital product. But before you start creating content, you should consider the type of digital product that you want to create. Let us look at the four most popular choices in the market today:

E-books are by far and large the most popular digital products sold online. All you really need to create an e-book is a great idea and Microsoft Word or any word processing program. E-books are easy enough to create and do not necessarily take too much time to finish if you are familiar with the topic you are covering. It is also recommended that you deliver the finished product in PDF format, so that it is accessible across more platforms.

Video Tutorials can be done as live recordings or onscreen guides. Video tutorials about yoga, meditation, finance, entrepreneurship and online tools like WordPress and Google AdWords are especially popular. If you are filming a live action video tutorial, you want to ensure that you have adequate lighting and a good microphone – sound quality is something that should never be overlooked, even if you are doing an onscreen guide. Try to take your time when recording the video – you do not want to rush through something, leaving your viewer unable to catch up or hear what you are saying.

PowerPoint or Keynote slides are also a hit online – they are great for making information easy to digest. You do not need fancy animations – in the best of cases, presentation slides are not cluttered with too much text and are not graphic-heavy. This is so that the slides are easy to read and do not take too long to load. You could even turn your slides into a video presentation. Just create your slides, write your transcript, and get a voice over artist to record your transcript for each slide. You can then market your product as a bundle – this will increase the perceived value of your product.

Software might not be as easy to produce as e-books, slides, and videos, but that does not mean they are not worth the effort. There is a huge amount of cash to be made through well-made software. If you have an idea for software but do not have the technical know[1]how to create it, you can always outsource the job to a developer. It might take longer to create, but it is also something which you can sell at a higher price.

Of course, there are other types of digital products which you can choose to create – sets of graphics, photo collections, audiobooks, MP3 files and more. The sky’s the limit.

But before you get started, do ask yourself which of these types of digital products would appeal more to your prospects. While you might be thinking of creating an e[1]book, your target market would benefit more from a step-by-step video tutorial? You are dealing in the Personal Development niche, where a guided meditation video would do the job more effectively than, say, a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation.

Crafting High-Selling Content

Now, it is time to craft the content that you are selling. As mentioned previously, specificity and focus can really make or break your launch.

To honor this, you need to pick topic and title that is focused. Vague titles do not sell well because they do not tell your prospects for what they are in. For example, would you rather buy a book titled “Money Online” or a book that proclaims, “Make $10,000 A Month with Internet Marketing”?

The second title is likely to sell better for several reasons – it very clearly tells people what they can accomplish, how long it takes and how they will do it. “Money Online” is too generic to really pull people in because it does not give people a reason to purchase your product. In comparison, making 10,000 dollars a month is a compelling reason for someone to buy your product.

On top of this, most products that sell well are timely or immediately relevant and practical. This is content which speaks to people’s wants and needs NOW rather than later.

For example, if there is a huge convention or expo concerning your niche coming up soon, people will want to brush up on their booth managing and networking skills before the event. If you were to launch an e-book a month before the event about “Getting Your Booth Noticed at So & So Expo,” chances are that many people would find value in your content and be compelled to make a purchase. This is because they can see exactly how this book can help them and they put what they learn to effective use immediately.

Therefore, planning your launch schedule and doing significant market research is especially important. You can close thousands of sales with this type of content – granted that you cater to your target market’s urgent demands.

There are some categories of content which have proven to be highly profitable, but it really depends on who you are targeting. “How To” guides and beginner’s guides have proven to be a hot sell, regardless of niche or industry. Content that highlights the dos and don’ts of a niche are popular for beginners and intermediates as well.

You could also create content that is very heavily technical or requires advanced knowledge on the subject matter. This type of content usually zooms in on an extremely specific topic– for example, “How to Manually Install and Set Up WordPress.” Though it may seem more advanced, this type of material has a good market standing – especially in the IM and Tech niches, where veterans are always seeking to improve.

PLR Content

Sometimes, it can take a lot of time to get a product ready for launch – from technical glitches to writer’s block, there a bunch of external causes that can delay your product creation efforts. Luckily, you do not have to create your own product if you do not want to.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR products or content are products which, once purchased, you are legally allowed to manipulate, publish and re-sell as your own. That when you purchase PLR content, you then own all or most of the intellectual property rights to the said work.

Usually, you can claim full authorship to a PLR product, and you can make as many edits, changes, and additions to these products as you see fit. The rights which you gain from PLR products vary from product to product so be sure to check the included rights before you make a purchase. Most websites that sell PLR content will provide a list of rights which come along with the purchase of each individual PLR product.

PLR products are great starting points if you do not want to create a product from scratch for your launch. They do not even cost very much to purchase – you can find e-books for under 5 US Dollars.

However, you should always double check the quality of the PLR product you are purchasing to make sure you are purchasing content which is marketable without you having to make too many edits in terms of fact-checking and grammar.

While you can just resell PLR products as is, it is highly recommended that you customize the product a little before reselling – think of it as rebranding. This will help to add value to your product so that your prospects will be more inclined to purchase it.

You will find that most PLR products are bare – e-books and slides tend to have little to no formatting or design. It has kept very black and white. You can consider adding a few headlines or inserting one or two visuals, even adding a whole new chapter if you want to.

You might also want to curate content from more than just one PLR source –purchase 2 or 3 PLR e-books on your chosen topic instead of one. This way, you will have more content, and your product will be more comprehensive.

You should also consider creating a new custom cover for your product – a bunch of other people might have bought the same PLR product and are reselling it as is, so you want yours to stand out and be perceived as different. Change the cover, change the headline, and heavily edit. The point is to improve on quality.

While PLR products are purchased for cheap, that does not mean that you must sell your product for under five dollars as well – as you edit and breathe new life into the purchased PLR content, the value of the product increases. During your launch, if you have put together a good offer, you can charge a lot more – think double or triple.

Bottom line is, whether you started with a PLR product or if you did all the content creation yourself, you must make the product in your launch look like a custom, one-of-a-kind products. It must be a product which is tailored to a specific target market, stands out from the rest, and has a high perceived value.

Mega Launch Blueprint

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