Mega Launch Blueprint How to Create Marketing Materials

Mega Launch Blueprint How to Create Marketing Materials

Once you have set up your product and sales letter, you then need to move on to creating your marketing materials.

These are materials which will help you promote your launch and get sales from your followers. While you could run the gamut of marketing materials, there are two types of marketing materials which you should pay remarkably close attention to: promotional e-mails and web banners.

Promotional E-mails

“Promotional e-mails are what you use to promote your launch to your mailing list.” (“Promotional e-mails are what… – Global Websites Corporation | Facebook”) It is the easiest way to tap into your leads and get sales, provided that your list has already been effectively built up.

You should start sending out these e-mails out a couple of weeks or at least a week before your projected launch date.

Expect to be sending out anywhere between 2 and 6 e-mails to your list during your prelaunch and launch period. This is so that you can steadily build hype with your prospects and start getting them interested.

While you can produce the content for your e-mails from scratch, there are some e-mails which have proven to be phenomenally successful at enticing readers.

The Teaser

Teaser e-mails are usually the first promotional e-mails that you will send out to your list. Teaser e-mails are there to create curiosity and to hint at your newest product. The way you craft this e-mail is especially important as you want to let them know that something big is coming, without saying what it is.

The point here is to not reveal too much – you want to tell them that you have something new coming up, something which you have been working on and are excited to share with them, but you do not want to mention specifics. Some people choose to send out two or three teaser e-mails during the pre-launch period.

Product Introduction

This is the e-mail that you will send out on your launch day. Let your prospects know that the product is now available online.

You can enclose the highlights of your product and its unique features. You should also include a link to the product’s sales page, and you can even state the price of your product but remember – this e-mail is NOT meant for you to start selling to them. It is for you to introduce the product and get their interest.


This e-mail focuses on highlighting the benefits of your product. You want to tell your prospects what is in it for them if they purchase your product.

Benefits are usually paired with features, but for the purpose of this e-mail, make the benefits the champion. You need to make these benefits compelling to your prospects – focus on how they can improve their lives and help them reach end-goals. Sell the dream.

Additional Bonuses

The additional bonuses e-mail is a promotional e-mail which helps promote your other bonuses. As mentioned in previous modules, the bulk of profit from your launch will come from the sales you make via your sales funnel. Because of this, you should have a promotional e-mail dedicated to talking about your bonuses.

This e-mail does not just have to be about the expansion to your front-end product – it can also be about subscriber-only discounts. You want to let your prospects know that they have access to bonuses when they choose to get in on the bandwagon.

Bypassing Spam Filters

As with any form of writing, promotional e-mails require carefully curated information. However, the stakes are high with promotional e-mails – since you will be sending them en masse to your mailing list, if your e-mails are not done right, they will just be flagged as spam by e-mail service providers.

To ensure that your promotional e-mails do not immediately end up in the junk folder, you should:

Have a Plain Text version if you are sending HTML e-mails?

If you are using HTML for your promotional e-mails, ensure that you enclose a plain text version of your e-mail. This is an amazingly effective way to prevent your e-mail from ending up in the junk folder. Also, some of your recipients may not be able to open HTML e-mails so this offers a solution to that problem, too.

Have a balance between graphics, links, and text

Firstly: NEVER send graphic-only or link-only e-mails. You should always try to strike a balance between your graphics, links, and text. While this is up to your own discretion, you should try to avoid including graphics in your body copy altogether. But if you must, then ensure that the accompanying body copy text make ups at least 70% of your including-mail content. And as for links, you want to keep them minimal. Try only having between 2-4 links in your e-mail’s body copy.

Pick attachments wisely

As a rule, you want to avoid sending any executable attachments (.exe, .zip, .swf, etc.) as these will cause your e-mail to go straight into the junk folder. JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs & PDFs are attachments which work best, if your e-mail body copy has text to back it up.

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