Mega Launch Blueprint Irresistible Offer-Creation Secrets

Mega Launch Blueprint Irresistible Offer-Creation Secrets

In this chapter we are going to talk about all the work that goes into creating a best-selling offer. Your product launch is only going to be as good as your product.

Finding & Knowing Your Niche

Before you start creating your product or offer, what you need to do is conduct thorough research. Researching your niche and analyzing the current trends in the market will help you create a must-have product which is in demand.

Your niche, and the findings from your research, will determine every aspect of not just your product but also your launch campaign.

As a rule of thumb, the online marketing arena is primarily dominated by these three umbrella niches –

1) The Health and Fitness niche

2) The Online Business and Internet Marketing niche

3) The Personal Development niches

These three niches are wide and generic, with more specific sub-niches within them and when it comes to defining your niche, you need to be as specific as possible. Having a focused target will make your product easier to market, compared to producing a product which is too general. A product that is not focused can end up being a mix of too many things.

For example, let us say you have a product for the Internet Marketing niche. The Internet Marketing niche has so many distinct aspects to it. You could talk about Affiliate Marketing, which has its own following or you could be talking about How to Perform SEO for Your Website. Each of these titles would have their own following and the clearer you can establish your product, the easier it will be for interested prospects to find your product later.

You can search for established sub-niches by simply pulling up a search on Google. Type in your keyword or umbrella niche and see what comes up in the search results. Also, look closely at the “Searches related to” section at the bottom of your Google Search results page. It is a goldmine of sub-niches into which you can tap. And remember – the more specific, the better.

Monitoring Activity

Once you have discerned your chosen niche or sub-niche, you need to check if it has an active following. You can ascertain how active a niche is by monitoring their online activity. You want to see how many people are talking about the niche and you also want to find out if they are also active buyers. This is especially important, because you do not want to go into a niche that has a huge following but will not pay for products.

When it comes to finding out how active a niche is and what their spending habits are like, doing a quick and easy Facebook search is one of the easiest methods.

What you need to do is look for groups on Facebook which are related to your chosen niche. You only need to use the Facebook search bar on the top of the page. For example, try typing in ‘affiliates’ or ‘affiliate networks. Then, check through the results and if you can find many groups that have hundreds of members, which is good. If most of the groups have thousands of members, then that is an even better sign.

Try to find open groups that you can join. Look at their newsfeed. When was the last post? How many new posts do they get on average? And most importantly, do they share and sell products? Are people talking about the latest products and items that cater to the niche? Do they talk about their purchases? If the answer is ‘yes’ to all of this, then congratulations – you have found yourself a niche market that is worth looking into.

Conducting Product Research

Once you have nailed down your niche (which you now know has a big following), it is time for you to investigate how you can effectively sell to that market. The best way to do this is by monitoring the products sold within that niche.

Do a scroll through on the Facebook pages again and look for the most talked about products. Try going one step further and read up on the frequent questions, dilemmas, and problems that these active users go through. This will help you create a hot-selling product because the best products are the ones which offer timely solutions to common problems. It is a supply and demand scenario – you need to know what your target market is looking for, so that you can create a product which caters to those wants and needs.

On top of this, you can also go ahead and find products that are related to your niche by doing a search on Warrior+ Plus, ClickBank, or JVZoo. These online marketplaces have an eclectic collection of products through which you can search. If there is a niche for it, you will be able to find related products on these three websites.

As you are starting your product research, you want to focus on the products which are top sellers. You can usually find them in the main pages of all the marketplaces. Look for items that are of a high rank, especially if they have been voted as Pick of The Day or similar.

And the research does not just stop there. Why limit yourself to just the product listings on these marketplaces when you can dive in even deeper?

First, you can go ahead and look at the sales pages of these best-selling products. This will help you understand a little more about the tone, look and feel which is considered attractive in your chosen niche and you can craft your product to match that.

To learn more about the type of content that appeals to your audience, get your hands on free content related to your niche. You can even consider going the extra mile by purchasing a product, so that you can conduct thorough research. Do this with as many products as you can for your niche so that you will learn what sort of information sells well in your chosen niche. This research will help you in so many ways – not just when it comes to creating your product. All this will come in handy when it is time to design your sales letter and create eye-catching sales copy.

If you look closely, you will be able to discern a pattern – some titles sell, and some do not. What you want to do is find inspiration for your product, so that your finished product profitable and worth the time and effort that you put into it.

Regards Coyalita

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