Mega Launch Blueprint Product Launch Techniques

Mega Launch Blueprint Product Launch Techniques

To conduct a successful launch that brings massive income, product launch techniques are what you will fall in love with! These are the techniques that all Internet marketers implement in their launch.

Meaning to say, all these techniques are time-tested techniques which are guaranteed to bring massive revenue to your launch.

Most of the product launch techniques create a sense of urgency for your prospects to buy from you. They create a sense that if they do not buy from you, they will miss the chance to join in on something great.

You can use these techniques individually in the beginning. But once you are familiar with the techniques, you can always mix and match the techniques and form your own marketing strategy.

Test out the techniques – you may be surprised by the results you get instantly. Just an insignificant change makes a huge different to your launch’s success.

With the implementation of product launch techniques, you could easily gain at least 10% more sales. Without sending extra traffic or putting in more effort to sell, these techniques will do the magic for you. Let us get down to the techniques now!

#1: Bonuses

The first technique is to offer bonuses in your first upsell offer. Once you have successfully convinced them to buy the front-end from you, you have already created a buying frenzy in them. Do not let the loop end here. The first upsell offer must be another no[1]brainer offer that should be grabbed.

What can you do to turn this upsell offer into another no brainer offer to grab? The upsell must be something congruent to the front-end, such as an immediate solution for forecasted problems.

The perceived value of an upsell is already high. So, when you offer them the upsell with the bonuses, it doubles the value of the offer.

You must always remember that when you are preparing the sales funnel; every product in the loop must be congruent to each other, including the bonuses.

Imagine this: What is the feeling when you see the sales page of an Internet marketing product bundled with an infographic product as a bonus? It feels weird, huh? You do not want to have your prospects feel this way so always remember to plan the sales funnel properly.

#2: Discount

Everyone loves discount. Giving out discount offers for your front-end product is another technique. You can implement the price slashing technique here.

State the original price of the product, slash it off and replace it with the price after discount. As you already know, visuals always work better than just words and numbers.

Other than using the price slashing technique, you can set a period for the discount offer to create a sense of urgency as mentioned in the previous chapters. With a shorter time to consider the offer, they are more likely to grab the offer.

Here is a tip for you: Create a countdown timer in the page. This way, you need not emphasize on the discount offer in your sales letter, the countdown timer does it all for you.

#3: Scarcity

Scarcity is one of the most powerful mental triggers where you put limitations in your launch. What a scarcity factor does is it creates an invisible ‘force’ to shorten their time in deciding about your product. This is a strong call-to-action.

When you limit the number of your items, they will have lesser time to think. There must be some negative consequences if they do not take the offer quickly. You have nothing to lose in this case. So, do not be afraid to use this technique.

The theory why this technique works is simple, “When there is less of something, we want it more.” It is this simple. Try this technique now and see how this brings your business up to a completely different level.

If you are familiar with HTML, you can make a counter to countdown the number of your items, too!

#4: Dime Sale

Finally, the last technique that I am going to lead you through is the dime sale technique. A dime sale is a technique where you will increase the price of your product with each purchase made.

Dime sale is a powerful mental trigger as well. This technique is tenser than all the other techniques. It creates an even stronger force to motivate potential buyers to make the decision to buy right away, because if they do not buy now, the price will not be the same anymore.

To plan out this technique, you will need to set a starting and finishing price and, of course, the price increment per sale. For instance, let say the starting price for your front-end is $7. The price goes up $1 each time a purchase made. Finally, the sales will be ended when the price hit $15.

This is just an example to show you how exactly dime sale can be done. You can plan out yours as well!

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