Mega Launch Blueprint Product Launches

Mega Launch Blueprint Product Launches

Product launches are not an innovation – they have been going on for ages. Launching your product online is something which you can successfully do if your product and marketing efforts are coordinated.

In internet marketing, when we talk about product launches, 99% of the time, we mean digital products. Think products like e-books, video tutorials, online courses, software, and online membership sites – anything that is downloadable or accessible via a computer browser.

You do not even need to create the product from scratch if you do not want to – you can purchase Private Label Rights (PLR) material online. These are products which you can purchase and, in most cases, resell and claim as your own. We will discuss these further in the following chapters.

Why You Should Create a Product Launch

There are many other business ventures which you could take on in this day and age, so what makes product launches so great?

Fast Results & Flexibility

Firstly, you can get fast results and work flexibly. This is a point that does not need much explanation – we all know that product launches can bring in crazy profits, within just a few minutes! Because your product is launched on the internet where there are millions of people online at any given time who are only a few clicks away from purchasing your product, it is insanely easy for your earnings to snowball within the first couple of hours of your launch.

On top of this, product launches give you so much flexibility – you can craft and prepare your launch from home, a café, while you are at your day job or even while on holiday! With all the tools you need for your launch being accessible via the internet, you do not need to ever worry about being caught off guard. You can launch your product with just your laptop and a stable internet connection.

Not only that, but you also have flexibility in terms of configuring your launch – with websites like JVZoo, Click Bank and Warrior+ Plus, you have so many options and customizations which you can use to tailor your product launch effectively.


Another benefit of launching your product online is it is a lot cheaper than launching physical products like t-shirts and books. If you think about it, creating and launching a digital product cost next to nothing.

When it comes to creating your digital product, sometimes all you need is Microsoft Word or an equivalent – tools which any basic laptop or desktop readily has. And by creating just one digital product, say a PDF format e-book, you can sell it to thousands of customers – it is like a one size fits all kind of situation, so you have no need to reproduce the item repeatedly.

As for launching your product, a lot of websites will allow you to launch and promote your product for free in exchange for a small commission fee on each purchase. What this means is that you have no risk of losing any money – because even if your product does not make a single sale (which is a real rarity in this business), you will not be charged or penalized in any way.

Immediacy & Ease of Purchase

Another impressive thing about product launches is that products can be delivered to your customers with just a few clicks of a mouse or if you have an autoresponder set up, your digital product can be forwarded to your customers instantly! This is a huge deal when compared to physical products, which sometimes take weeks to ship and tend to incur high shipping costs.

Your customers will receive their products in an e-mail or download within seconds of them completing their purchase – which is also something that can be optimized for ease of use.

When you launch your product, say on JVzoo or Click Bank or Warrior+ Plus, you will be able to customize the payment process to make it extremely easy for your customers. With the help of buy buttons, PayPal and autoresponders, customers can purchase your product without any hassle.

Build Your List

Your e-mail list is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your online marketing success. And the best way to grow your list is by launching products online. When someone purchases your product, you will also get a hold of their e-mail address, which you can add to your mailing list.

Through a list, you get to identify qualified leads, build relationships and most importantly, have a market that you can tap into whenever you want. Product launches help you add fresh leads to your list.

These e-mail addresses are valuable because for all your oncoming products, you will have people who you can market to immediately by sending them a simple e-mail. A list gives you on-demand traffic whenever and wherever you want traffic to go. And it is not only helpful for just your own products – this list can come in handy if you are also an active affiliate marketer or engage in ad swapping.

Sell all your other products and services

Creating a product launch also lets you sell your other products and services. Usually, a buying frenzy ensues when you send your prospects through your sales funnel, after carefully selecting you upsells and down sells.

With upsells and down sells, you can entice your prospects to purchase some of your other products – this means that from the launch of a specific product, you are able to also market one, two or even three other products to your prospect. That means you can further increase your profits.

Build Your Credibility and Affiliate Network

With the high-quality content that you create and subsequently launch, you get to increase your credibility. You can solidify your status in your niche as a dependable expert.

On top of this, product launches are great ways to generate new partnerships and business relationships. A successful product launch will not only get the big players in the market interested in what you must do and say, but there is also the high chance that you will be able to expand your affiliate network. It is one of the many reasons why product launches are too lucrative an opportunity to say ‘No’ to.

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