Mega Launch Blueprint Sales Letter Formula

Mega Launch Blueprint Sales Letter Formula


The sales letter is an integral part of internet marketing and typically takes the form of a webpage. During your product launch, its main purpose is to build interest and persuade your prospects to purchase your product. It is your ‘pitch’ to get them to click on your Buy Button.

Types of Sales Letters

Let us look at the types of sales letters that you can construct for your product launch.

The Traditional Sales Letter – Pure Copy

While all sales letters focus on selling your product, a traditional sales letter is one which is primarily made up of text or copy, instead of graphics and visuals.

We call this sales letter format Pure Copy.

It does not contain any video and instead focuses more on its advertising copy. This form of sales letter may sound old-fashioned but the fact that this archaic method is still being used today is testament to its effectiveness.

While copying is by far the core element of Pure Copy sales letters, they usually do contain some images and visuals of the product. Without them, sales letters just would not be complete. No matter how brilliant your copy might be, people work in a way whereby they need to see a product before purchasing it, so the use of product photos are still especially important. However, in a Pure Copy sales letter, the visuals are used sparingly.

A Pure Copy sales letter focuses more on structure to entice prospects. What is meant by “structure,” in this case, is not only how the copy is written in terms of language and sentence structure, but also the format in which information is presented.

It is very ineffective to have a sales letter that is strictly paragraph after paragraph of text – it makes information much harder to stomach. Therefore, Pure Copy Sales Letters make good, strategic use of bullet points, tables, and, as mentioned previously, visuals.

Pure Copy Sales Letters are great because full-page copy is less likely to have problems loading on your prospects’ browsers. You could add a few photos to this Sales Letter, and it should still load without error. This is compared to video sales letters, where heavier video files need to be uploaded and are more susceptible to error.

And no matter what, writing copy will always take less time than creating a video sales letter, so that’s a plus point to consider.

However, the Pure Copy format only truly works if you are good at writing copy. Because everything is so heavily reliant on your content, the sales copy must be razor sharp and attention grabbing – which is harder than most people think.

The length of the copy is also something that needs to be looked at – if the copy runs on for too long, it is highly unlikely that your prospects will want to stay on your page and read on. Though, a fair amount of editing and a good copywriter would be able to help you fix these issues.

Video Sales Letters (VSLs) – 100% Pure Another option for Sales Letters is to use video instead of copy. These types of sales letters are called pure video sales letters or Pure VSLs for short.

First, Pure VSLs are pages where there is only a video and an opt-in form or any other call-to-action. This is where the video does all the selling without the aid of text or copy. The page itself can usually be seen in whole without having to scroll down.

This kind of sales letter is more contemporary. Nowadays, communication has gotten more visual-heavy and Pure Video Sales Letters embody that change. A good Pure VSL should be direct and easy to navigate. Having that simplicity and directness prevents the page from being cluttered with copy, images, and unnecessary distractions. Often, the prospect only needs to click the Play button on the video.

To make up for the absence of a copy in Pure VSLs, the script plays a key role. It may sound easy to write a script but, just like copywriting, it is an art of its own, so take some time with this or hire a writer to write one for you.

The presenter in the video, usually the product vendor, must have a spokesperson’s charm. All the qualities needed in face-to-face marketing are needed when you record a Pure VSL. Things like having a controlled tone of voice, clear and crisp pronunciation and a strong command of language play a big part in selling to your audience. Two other aspects to take note of are your body language (which people will read subconsciously) and your charisma, which you must continuously build on.

The simple and modern design in most Pure VSLs helps make your page look more credible. A good video helps to boost your image in the eyes of your prospects as someone who is professional and takes their work seriously.

Also, a slick and clean design with a strong video presentation, has the power to be far more convincing than just copy. Your visitors do not have to read lengthy copy, and can instead have you pitch to them, face- to-face, which makes it easier for visitors to absorb information.

As for drawbacks, there is a substantial risk of technical errors when it comes to a Pure VSL. If an error were to affect your video therefore making it unplayable or if someone on a weaker internet connection fails to load your video, there is nothing on your Pure VSL page that they can turn to. This is unlike a Pure Copy Sales Letters, whereby even if the images fail to load, your visitors would still be able to read your copy.

The Best of Both Worlds – Hybrid Sales Letter

If Pure Copy and Pure Video Sales Letters are not your thing, why not try a Hybrid Sales Letter instead. A Hybrid Sales Letter is a combination of both the Pure Copy Sales Letter and the Pure Video Sales Letter. In many ways, it has the best of both worlds.

A Hybrid Sales Letter has a sales video, which is usually the first thing the audience sees, at the top of the webpage. It is usually located directly below or above the headline. Unlike in Pure Copy Sales Letters, the headline is not the main attention grabber, though it is, of course, still important.

Underneath the video, you will have copy. It is important to note that this copy should NOT be a word for word transcript of your sales video. While you may reuse most of the information from your sales video (anywhere up to 90%), it is good to play around with the structure and phrasing. Try making the copy more reader-friendly with bullet points and formatting.

As for the length of the copy for the sales letter, it is entirely up to you. However, it is important to note here that the length of the copy is not the thing you should be most concerned about. A lot of people nitpick on being below a certain word count, when in fact, long form copy has proven to sell as effectively as short form copy.

One of the best reasons for choosing the Hybrid Sales Letter is that, as mentioned, it has the advantages of both Pure Video Sales Letter and Pure Copy Sales Letter.

The video allows your visitors to get all the offer information delivered to them in an easily digestible manner. They will not need to read lengthy copies to find out what they need to know. On top of this, the video works as an attention-grabber and it is amazingly effective in keeping the audience interested.

With the copy beneath the video, it also gives your prospects the option of reviewing your offer, without having to re-watch the video. The Hybrid Sales Letter gives your prospects the option of how they would prefer to find out about your offer. Therefore, this sort of Sales Letter has become a popular choice for a lot of internet marketers today.

That said, there is a downside to using this type of sales letter – but it is not a big one. With the Hybrid Sales Letter, you will have to do almost double the amount of work for your launch. On top of creating a video, you will also have to spare some time to write the copy.

While it may seem time-consuming to create both video and copy, the rewards and success of your launch will make the effort worth it. Besides, you always have the option of delegating some of the work to creative professionals – sites like Fiverr are a wonderful place for you to outsource tasks to capable creatives for cheap.

Regards Coyalita

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