Mega Launch Blueprint the Sales Funnel Formula

Mega Launch Blueprint the Sales Funnel Formula

Now that you already know how amazing a sales funnel is, there is no reason for you to not incorporate a Sales Funnel into your launch.

Below, you will find the Sales Funnel formula. Of course, after years of experience in the Internet business, this is the most ideal model that increases revenue. Let us get down to each of the steps in the formula.


As you can see from the diagram above, the sales funnel starts with a front-end product. This will be the first product, or what is sometimes known as a frontline product, which your potential customer will see.

Your front-end product will be sold at a cheaper price ranged from $7 to $10. Even though the front-end sells at a cheaper price, it does not mean that you can put lesser attention to this. Without a great front-end product, the whole sales funnel will be affected.

Front-end products can be said to be the most important product in your sales funnel because it represents the first impression to your potential customers. The perceived value of your launch will depend on the front-end product.

This is especially important if you are a newbie in the Internet business – the front-end product is the product that will build up your credibility along the way. If the quality of the front-end is not up to standard, what more about the other products?

A front-end product also serves as a catalyst for a buying frenzy. After someone makes their first purchase, they will not be aware of how much more they are willing to spend.

Imagine this scenario: You have prepared a shopping list before you go grocery shopping, but you still end up buying more than you have planned to buy. Does this sound familiar to you?

This is exactly how sales funnels work. When you have already started spending money, it becomes natural for you to say yes to other offers and spend more money than you initially intended.


Moving on, you might have noticed that there are three upsells included in the flowchart. If I tell you that these upsells are the main source of revenue in the sales funnel, you will not think that three upsells are enough. But do not worry – you will put a higher price tag for you upsells, anywhere in the range of $20-$50 is a good starting point.

While front-end will initiate the buying frenzy, upsells are an immediate offer after your front-end product, so that they can continue and prolong the buying frenzy. Therefore, your first upsell must be an offer that is too good to refuse – it plays an especially significant role in keeping the buying frenzy alive and well.

You upsell offer can be an advanced solution or follow-up from your front-end offer. For instance, if your front-end product is about how to build and grow a mailing list, you upsell may be another training course to teach them how to direct massive traffic to the website.

This would be a great offer because the next thing an Internet marketer needs after the setup of a landing page is traffic. This will be a solution for the forecasted problem which is why you can scale the price of you upsell. Just think of upsells as upgrades and add-ons for the front-end product.

A small tip: Offer bonuses in you upsell one. While the offering of a solution for forecasted problems is a good angle, adding in a bonus will increase the perceived value of you upsell.

As you can see after the down sell, the sales funnel is then continued with another two upsells. Always keep in mind that the whole sales funnel must be congruent – meaning all the products fit in harmony.

The upsell two and upsell three, obviously, must be something related to the front-end. So, when you are planning out your Sales Funnel, you must pick on a few related sub-topics to focus you upsell. This is how you draft a great Sales Funnel.


As mentioned previously, a downsell happens after the first upsell. In downsell, you will remove the bonuses and re-offer them the same upsell product but this time at a lower price.

Some of the buyers may be hesitant to purchase the first upsell. And when this happens, right after they have clicked on the ‘No Thanks’ button, they will be redirected to a downsell.

Remove all the bonuses you offered in the first upsell and give them another chance to reconsider the offer. They may be hesitant to purchase the first upsell because of the price or they may be having second thoughts because they do not think the upsell is worth the price.

So, here’s when down sell comes in as a discount for the same product without bonuses. Take note of removing the bonuses because this is especially important. If you did not remove the bonuses and offer the same offer in lower price, it would be unfair for the people who purchased your first upsell.


The final product in the Sales Funnel is called a backend product. Usually, the offers in your launch will end at the third upsell. The backend offer will happen only after a few days in the follow-up emails.

The reason is because backend product can be a long-term coaching program or membership sites that can be priced up to $997. Imagine if you suddenly offer the buyers a product in such high price, chances that they will consider this offer are lower.

You would not want to scare them away by putting this up first. After they have read or ran through your training courses, the trust they put in your will be higher. This is the right timing when you can offer them the backend.

So, you must remember to put your backend offer in the follow up emails a few days after they have purchased your product. The backend offer is an optional step for your prospects who are interested.

Some of the marketers might not have a backend product to offer. The higher price the product is, the higher the expectation from the customers. So, if you do not have a backend to offer them yet, do not rush in to offer them a lower quality one.

This is extremely dangerous as this can ruin your reputation.

Regards Coyalita

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