Membership Cash Profits

Membership Cash Profits

Membership Cash ProfitsMembership Tools & Resources When it comes to choosing a hosting provider for your membership site, you want to be careful to select a company that allows for easy account upgrades.

That way, as your membership site grows you can expand your hosting account to accommodate additional space or bandwidth.

Here are a few that I highly recommend:

Great for start-up websites and smaller scale membership sites. Accounts can be easily upgraded.

You also need to register a keyword-based domain name for your membership site.

When selecting a domain name, pay attention to its brandable elements.

Is it memorable?

Is it easy to spell?

Above all however, when you do select your domain name, you want to make sure that it contains relevant keywords pertaining to the subject of your website, and that people will be able to manually type it into their browsers search bar without the possibility of misspelling it.

Here are a few domain registrars that I recommend:

When creating an autoresponder-based membership site, or to simply integrate a mailing list into your subscription process, you should always consider remotely hosted options.

That way, in the event your membership site or hosting provider experiences problems, you have an easy way of contacting your members base and notifying them of any potential problems.

Here are a couple of leading providers:

Creating Video Based Products

When creating video clips, Camtasia is one of the easiest video creation tools to use and one of the most popular.

If you are on a Mac, Camtasia has yet to release a version exclusively for us, you might find the following resources are useful.

iMovie (comes with most Macs)

Keynote (good for visual presentations and slideshows)


ScreenFlow (our favorite)

Snapz Pro:


Examples of Popular Membership Sites

IM Buzz Software:

IM Buzz PLR:

Instant Email Money:

Instant PLR Newsletters


Advanced Membership Marketing Guides

Overnight Membership Site Course

Membership Gold Rush:

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