Membership Cash Profits

Membership Cash Profits

Membership Cash Profits – Important Membership Elements After choosing your membership format, you will need to determine exactly how you intend to deliver your content and material to paid subscribers.

If you elect to go with an email-based membership site, then all of your content will be sent through your autoresponder service.

With traditional based membership platforms, however, you will want to choose a scalable, solid membership-based software program that will make it easier to manage and grow your entire community.

A few things to keep in mind when evaluating potential software or scripts that will power your front and back end, is that you need to be able to control every aspect of your community, including:

1) Time Release Content

Also known as drip feed content, you will want to be able to deliver content at specific intervals, rather than all at once.

The reason is obvious, if a subscriber is able to gain access to all of your content instantly after joining, there is very little motivation to stay subscribed to your service.

Instead, you want to be able to control the content flow, so that a new subscriber is only able to gain access to a specific content package, or if you are running your membership site on a monthly basis, you would want only content from the first month of joining to be visible to each subscriber.

2) Content Management System

Unless you are proficient with HTML and coding a website yourself, you should look for a software solution that offers a built-in content management system.

This way, you can create pages directly from within your administration panel.

If you are interested in simplifying this process, you
could consider using a WordPress based website, where you can plug in membership protection while reaping the benefits of using a ready-made free solution to building feature rich websites.

I will show you exactly how to connect a WordPress blog with powerful membership-based software in the next  chapter.

3) Autoresponder Integration

Whether you choose to incorporate an email-based membership site into your program or not, you will want to be able to add every subscriber to a mailing list.

That way, you can follow up each time you update your site but more importantly, be able to build a profitable back-end system that offers additional upgrades, content packages, one time offers and special downloads.

4) Full Scale Affiliate Program

In order to jump-start your membership site and power it up with fresh subscribers and targeted traffic, you absolutely need to integrate an affiliate program into your website so that both guests and members can earn commissions by referring new members to your program.

This is an exceptional method of generating fresh leads on a regular basis, while taking your online business to a whole new level. There is no other method of maximizing exposure that even comes close to what an active affiliate army can do for your business.

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