Membership Cash Profits

Membership Cash Profits

Membership Cash ProfitsWordPress Based Membership Sites When it comes to membership sites, since WordPress automatically provides the ability to create content that is scheduled for release in the future, you could use WordPress as the basis for your membership center.

Even better, WordPress is a complete CMS, meaning that you can create pages and posts directly from within its admin panel, rather than having to manually create HTML pages in an editor like Dreamweaver.

You will however, still have to protect your members center and your paid content, and if you choose to use WordPress, there are a couple of plugins that have been created to transform a regular WordPress blog into a feature laden membership website.

Here is the one that I recommend:

Member Wing is very easy to integrate and use, and seems to have been created for Internet Marketers, as it comes with the ability to offer “Teaser Copy” (Partial content displayed with the option to upgrade to review the remaining content).

It also features “Gradual Content Delivery”, a functionality that allows webmasters to create content that is released automatically on scheduled dates and times, encouraging members to stay subscribed to the site.

Member Wing also supports PayPal, Pay Dotcom and E-junkie, and offers “Progressive and Mixed Content Protection” which simply means that you can create multiple levels or premium content, starting off with all members joining one group (basic) with the option to upgrade for extended access to other downloads or content.

Other WordPress membership scripts:

Features unlimited membership levels, flexible options, sequential content delivery, control viewed content, shopping cart integration and more.

If you have a copy of, you can also purchase a plugin that will protect your WordPress pages, however it is lacking the extensive features that Member WinG offers.

Here are a few membership scripts worth considering:

Offers extensive features including the ability to pay affiliates upfront, instantly (very good feature for attracting super affiliates)

Created by John Delavara, Fantasos was created by an Internet Marketer for Internet Marketers.

The real money is on Membership websites. They are the most profitable business on the Internet today and have been since the Internet was created.

You can read all these pages on “Membership Cash Profits” yet the reality is that purchasing the eBook and other material in the download is what will save you – If you do not know where to even begin.

Other companies will leave you hanging in the dust when it comes to building a Membership website. They don’t want you to know all the tips and tricks because it does not benefit them.

If you are a retiree or just someone who is looking for a home business to get started in away from the 9-5 job you are trapped in – then here is where you need to be.

Sorry but I am one of those people who tell it like it is.

I am giving you this opportunity now to get started on building your Membership Cash Profits website. You have all the information step-step in this download so don’t pass it up now.

$ 27 may sound like a fortune to you in today’s economy yet reality is it a drop in the bucket when it comes to the real profits you will make with your own Membership website.

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Regards, Coyalita

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