Membership Cash Profits

Membership Cash Profits

Membership Cash ProfitsMaximizing Your Profits There are a number of different ways to maximize your overall profits and enhance your subscribers’ experience, as being part of your community.

Here are the top methods that are used by successful membership webmasters:

Charter Memberships:

Give your subscribers a reason to promote your website by offering joint venture partners a Charter membership to your website.

Offer them special bonuses, downloads – just to jump start your website.

It will provide immediate relief of that initial start-up phase and allow you to determine what your members think about your content, with a soft launch before you go all out.

This is also a great way to beta test the system for bugs, errors, broken links or problems with navigation or downloading products and content.

Annual Memberships

If you offer them a special deal if they join annually you want to make sure that they are receiving a significant discount.

You want to focus on yearly memberships because that way your members are locked in. The only downfall is that people tend to forget that they joined and when you rebill them yearly, they may end up challenging the charge with their credit card companies, simply because they cannot remember where they signed up.

Low Up-Front Cost with Higher Recurring

Certain membership sites will charge their customers a one-time access fee, and then a monthly fee thereafter.

For example, offer them the opportunity to pay $97 to join, with $29.95 every month thereafter.

If going with this kind of set up, you’ll need to provide at least three times the value of the initial payment, in this case $97.00 – and then update your content regularly enough to justify an ongoing fee of $29.95 monthly.

A huge benefit to charging a registration fee is it will have a lot longer retention rate for your members. Your cancellation rate will be much lower since people don’t want to have to pay the initial registration fee again.

Types of Products to Offer

Here are a few of the product types that you can offer within your membership site, as well as backend and upsell offers:

Audio and Video
Interviews (exclusive)
Book Compilations
Physical Products such as printed books, CD’s, DVD

Also, be sure to record everything you do.

If you give an interview, host a conference call, conduct a workshop, training, whatever it is – always record it. This material can be used as bonus products, or featured as an up sell or backend upgrade.

Over-Delivering is key if you want to form a solid, profitable relationship with your subscribers.

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