One Month to Your Own Online Business

One Month to Your Own Online Business

One Month to Your Own Online BusinessSocial Sites for Traffic and Links… Over the past couple of years, social bookmarking sites have become amongst the most popular sites on the net.

Growing out of the original idea that it would be helpful if people could store their bookmarks from their computer externally so that they could access them from anywhere, social bookmarking sites are now hugely popular and represent extremely active communities.

The idea behind the social bookmarking site is very simple. When you find some content – it does not matter what kind of content is – it could be a video, an article, a news story or whatever – that you think is worth reading, you bookmark it to the social site of which you are a member.

However, when you add this bookmark, it is public, so that other members of the site can see it. You also have the ability to recommend it to other site members whom you suspect will enjoy it, from past experience.

If someone you pass this information on to in this way does indeed enjoy the content, then they might pass it on to someone else, and so the link is passed round, and everyone who enjoys it will ‘vote it up’.

If something you have published on your lens is of sufficient quality to become hugely popular, then it may well end up on the homepage of the site. If this is a leading social site, then you can expect to see a deluge of thousands of visitors within 24-48 hours.

Although this traffic is going to be temporary, if you can only retain a small proportion of votes visitors as ‘regulars’, you have just given your business a significant boost.

Even if you do not manage to land on the homepage in this way, every piece of content that you successfully add to a social bookmarking site will create a link from that site to yours.

This is extremely important, because Google pays a great deal of attention to links when they are trying to assess how valuable your site is for search engine ranking purposes.

The more important your site appears to be (judged by links), the better the search engine ranking of your site will be.

The only disadvantage of promoting your lens by submitting it to the major social bookmarking sites is that it is a time-consuming and somewhat tedious task.

It makes sense to take advantage of the free social bookmarking submission service offered by Only Wire details to 27 of the major social bookmarking sites. All that you have to do is log in to OnlyWire every time you add new information to your lens so that you can send details of your new post every time you make one.

This may send direct visitors to your site or it may not. Even if it
doesn’t, however, it will be instrumental in ensuring that your lens will attain a high search result ranking, and that in itself guarantees additional traffic.

Become a Video Star…

There can be little doubt that the most popular and probably the most effective way of promoting your business on the internet at this moment in time is by using video. You make a short video movie, post it to the leading video network sites like YouTube, Google Video and so on.

After that, you do whatever is necessary to encourage people to watch your video, on the basis that after they have watched it, they will visit your website to discover more of what you have to say.

Of course, there are many steps in this chain of causation, and the whole thing can go wrong at any time. Let us therefore move through the process one step at a time.

The first thing you need in order to market using videos is a video. Creating this can be simple or as difficult as you want it to be.

At the simplest end of the spectrum, do you have 8 or 10 digital images that are related to your market niche stored on your computer? If you do, then you have the basis of a video. If, on the other hand you don’t, you can download the necessary images from a site like Stock XChng.

Next, open a free account with, upload your images, add a soundtrack and upload the whole thing to YouTube. It is a job that should take no more than 30 minutes, start to finish.

Admittedly, it does not produce the most riveting video footage you will ever see, but it is extremely quick and easy to do, and if you want to get started with video marketing, this is as good a way as any to do so.

But while it is quick, using animoto is probably not the best way to market your busine ss using videos. Firstly, because they are a montage of still images, they are not that engaging, and secondly, you can only upload animoto videos to YouTube and there are hundreds of video networking sites available.

If possible, it is far better to ‘film’ your own video materials, to edit them, and then upload the finished video to a selection of the most popular video networking sites.

Making a video to promote your business does not have to be expensive or difficult. Most digital cameras have a video utility nowadays, or alternatively, if you want to make a screen capture video, there is free software available at

In addition, the software that you need to edit your video is freely available too.

If you’re using a Windows machine that uses XP or Vista, you already have Windows Movie Maker on your computer (in XP, click ‘Start’, then programs):

If you need to know how to use Movie Maker, try searching YouTube for ‘movie maker tutorials’, as there are plenty of videos that will show you exactly how to use the program. If you do not have movie maker, there is free editing software available here or here.

Once your video is ready to go, you need to add a title, description and tags before uploading to the network sites. Make sure that you include one or two of your primary keyword phrases in the title, and that you use keywords throughout the description as well.

Also, the first line of the description should be the URL of the page that you want the video viewer to visit after they have finished watching the video.

Doing this ensures that there is a clickable hyperlink right next to the video and that there is a link from the video networking site back to yours. Given that Google loves links, this is extremely important to remember every time you upload a new video.

With the title, description and single word tags added to your video, it is time to upload it. As suggested, there are hundreds of video networking sites, but if you were to try to upload your video to every one of them, it would take you many hours of tedious work.

In terms of balancing time against effectiveness, it is far better and ultimately more profitable to upload your video to 10 to 20 of the most popular networking sites. There are a couple of sites that will help you to do this.

The first is Tube Mogul from where you can load your video to most of the leading networking sites (including YouTube, Google video, Yahoo Video, daily motion and metacafé) completely free. The second site that you can use is HeySpread which is not particularly expensive to use.

Between the two sites, you can distribute your video to the majority of the leading video networking sites, giving your video maximum exposure for minimum effort.


Building a successful online business is within the grasp and capability of anyone, irrespective of their educational background, past business experience or even the amount of money they have available to sink into it.

However, building a business of this nature is a step-by-step process, and it is not one that you can hurry along. Everything needs to be done in a logical progressive manner, and as long as you follow what you have read in this manual in the order that the information has been presented to you, this is exactly what you will be doing.

Remember that it is all about finding a market where people need information, establishing that there is money in that market, and then finding a product that matches people’s requirements.

After that, build a simple website that features your ‘take’ on the product you are promoting, and then finally, start sending as many visitors as you possibly can to that webpage.

All the time, keep reading, keep educating yourself and look for ways that you can improve your business.

However, do not allow yourself to be distracted by what you read. There are thousands of successful internet marketing entrepreneurs, and every one of them has their own view of what kind of business is the most profitable.

It is therefore easy to get distracted, to race off to try another different type of business even before you have given the
business that you have already established a decent chance to succeed.

Once you have set up your business as highlighted in this report, focus on it and do not allow yourself to be distracted. Have a plan that is related to this business only, and stick to it. Rather than charging off in a completely different business direction because someone has suggested that that is where the money is, focus all of your efforts on making sure that you keep improving your own business, because that is how you increase your income.

Keep all of this in the forefront of your mind, keep pushing more and more promotional materials out there into the marketplace, and you will achieve everything that you want to achieve.

As I suggested right at the beginning, there is no secret or magic key to online success. Follow what you read in this manual, put it into practice everyday, and your new online business will be successful.

Regards, Coyalita

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