One Month to Your Own Online Business

One Month to Your Own Online Business

One Month to Your Own Online BusinessIt all comes down to visitors… There are lots of different ways that you can send visitors to your webpage.

Should you choose to use them, some of these strategies involve spending money (paid advertising in other words), and others would be free in monetary terms (they cost you time instead).

While using paid advertising is undoubtedly the quickest way of bringing visitors to your site, it can also turn out to be an extremely expensive business. For this reason, I would strongly recommend that at this stage, you use only free advertising and promotional resources.

At the same time, you need to start learning about the ins and outs of paid advertising.

I would therefore recommend that you try to find a free copy of the excellent AdWords guide published by a leading online marketing expert, Brad Callen.

At the time of writing, you could download a copy here or here, but if it is not available by the time you read this, try searching for ‘Google AdWords made easy’. This is another good free AdWords guide as well.

Learn about paid advertising, but in the meantime, let’s start driving visitors to your Squidoo lens using only free promotional resources.

Before we do, there is one final thing to mention. The more effort you put into promoting your business, the more results (i.e. money) you will get out. Remember that this is your business – be prepared to use every spare minute you have to promote it.

Find a forum…

Forums are websites where like-minded individuals come together to discuss, debate and generally shoot the breeze about their common interests.

Consequently, no matter what market niche you are operating in, if you can find a forum or noticeboard site that is focused on the same thing your recently developed site is focused on, then you have immediately found a group of people who are interested in what you have to say.

The first and perhaps most effective way of finding forums in your niche is to search Google using a search term something like ‘your subject + forum(s)’.

The beauty of using this strategy is that because the Google search engine naturally sorts everything in order of popularity, you would know that any forum site that appeared in the number one Google slot is automatically the most popular forum in your niche.

Even if you think it unlikely that there will be a forum in your market niche, the chances are that there are many more than you imagine.

Just a simple Google search of this nature will turn up many sites where you can get involved with other people who are concerned about the problem around which you have just created your site

Every member of any relevant forum or noticeboards site that you can find is a potential customer for your business, but do not be tempted to dive straight into the deep end.

You should take your time breaking yourself into the forum gently, reading and learning from other people before getting involved.

Nevertheless, you should start to get involved as quickly as you can, because this is how you start building a status and reputation in your niche. At the same time however, understand that within any forum community, there are members who have little knowledge, and there are members who are experts.

If you would not classify yourself as an expert, take a little time watching what happens in the forum so that you can work out who the experts are.

Once you are confident of your knowledge and your ability, start to get actively involved. When people pose questions that you can answer, do so. When you have questions, comments or suggestions of your own, start your own thread, because this will elicit responses and reactions from other members.

Becoming an active participant in the forums has two advantages, one clear while the other is perhaps less so.

Many forum sites allow you to create what is called a signature file, which is a short text description of and/or advertisement for your business (but do not make it a blatant plug, because that will not be accepted by most forums).

If you can use a signature file (I would recommend that you check before joining any particular forum site), this allows you to attach a short ‘info-ad’ to every posting that you make on that forum. Your promotional message is in front of other forum members every time you participate.

Perhaps even more importantly, however, participating in a forum allows you to establish your expert status. The importance of this should not be underestimated.

If people believe that you are an expert (however accurate that assessment may be), they will follow what you say, and act upon your advice. Remembering that other forum members are superbly well targeted prospects for your business, this is an ideal situation to put yourself in.

So, find as many forum sites in your own niche as you can (also check and forum showcase), and pick no more than half a dozen which are active and will allow you to add a signature file, before beginning to get involved as soon as possible. It is unlikely that you will see any immediate benefits, but it is equally likely that it should not take very long before the results start to become apparent.

One Month to Your Own Online Business

Regards, Coyalita

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