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Online Legal Protection

Online Legal ProtectionProper Use of Email The chances are very good that you know how to use email. Email, after all, is becoming the most popular and most widely used form of communication worldwide.

As an Internet Marketer, knowing how to use email is as important, if not more important than knowing how to use the telephone. But do you know how to use email properly?

Rule number one is to never, ever send out any spam, or anything that might be construed as spam.

Rule number two is to not use your email client to send out mass email. Instead, use an autoresponder. This way, you won’t bog down your ISP, who might actually shut you down because you are bogging the system down.

Every commercial email must contain your business name and physical address. It must, by law, have instructions for people to remove themselves from their email list.

You have the option of including a disclaimer. If you have employees who use business email, you most likely need an email policy as well. This policy basically lays out the rules for the usage of the company email system, which employees are to follow to the letter.

Do not send attachments in email unless they are expected by the recipient. Also, run your email – especially emails sent out to an opt-in list – through a spam checker to make sure that your message won’t hit the spam folders. Make sure that your virus scanner is set to scan all incoming email.

Finally, use these twenty rules of email etiquette when sending email. These don’t relate to protection, but they will be good for your business!

1. People are in a hurry to get to the point. Emails are not like letters – they are usually short.

2. Answer all emails in a timely manner. Make sure that you’ve answered all of the questions asked.

3. Check your spelling and grammar. Most email clients include spelling and grammar checkers. Use them.

4. To avoid dry emails, make your email personal. Address the person by name.

5. Do not attach files, unless they are expected.

6. Do not write in all capital letters.

7. Do not use the high priority option, unless it really is a high priority.

8. When mailing to multiple people with your email client, use the BCC field instead of the CC field. It is rude to share other people’s email addresses with others.

9. Do not overuse emoticons, and take care when using abbreviations.

10. Do not request read and delivery receipts. People feel that this is an invasion of their privacy.

11. Do not forward chain letters, unless you are forwarding it to people that you know are enjoying them. Be sure to ask first. Never forward virus hoaxes.

12.Never reply to spam messages.

13. Never discuss confidential information in email. It could be intercepted. Instead, let the recipient know that you have something confidential to discuss, and either ask for a good time to call, or include your phone number and state when you will be available for a telephone call.

14. Always use a subject line that relates to the email message. Don’t try to fool the recipient.

15. Make sure that your email is formatted properly, so that it does not break up in your recipient’s email client. The general rule is 45 to 50 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation.

16. When replying, make sure that you leave the message that the person sent you in the email message you are sending back, for easy reference.

17. Use caution when sending rich text or HTML messages. Not all people want to receive these.

18.Make sure that you are replying to the right person. If the email was sent to multiple people, you may or may not want to use the reply to all features, depending on the nature of the email, and your response.

19. Avoid using words like URGENT or IMPORTANT unless it really is. Don’t use hype.

20.Read the email before you send it. Correct any mistakes, and make sure that it is indeed the message that you want to send. Once it is sent, you can’t take it back.

Your name and email will Never be shared, sold, or given to anyone.

Regards, Coyalita

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