Online Legal Protection

Online Legal Protection

Online Legal Protection Why Internet Marketers Need More Protection From the moment you first connected to the Internet, you have probably been told that you need to use security measures to protect yourself.

This is something that all Internet users face all of the time. There is a great deal more to protection for Internet Marketers however.

Internet Marketers need more protection than the average user simply because they have more to protect, and of course they have more at stake.

The average user may use their personal computers to shop, play games, or to surf the Internet. As an Internet Marketer, you probably do all of those things, but you also operate an entire business online.

A hacker can easily break into the email that is associated with your website, read your mail, and use that account to send thousands of spam emails out – all in your name – between the time that you turn off your computer for the day and fire it up again in the morning. They could even do it while you are taking your lunch break – or while you are sitting in front of the screen working.

They may also manage to break into the databases on your website and obtain all sorts of private information concerning your customers. Either of these actions could literally put you out of business in a matter of hours – or minutes.

This goes far beyond protecting your own personal credit card information or identity. This is basically about protecting everything you’ve worked so hard for.

The average user worries about computer viruses and protecting their identity. You have to worry about protecting yourself from computer viruses, protecting your website from malicious acts, protecting your customer’s information, and protecting yourself legally.

You would be surprised at the number of Internet Marketers who have failed to take these security measures.

The average user has the luxury of remaining totally anonymous on the Internet. The Internet Marketer does not have that option.

There is a great deal of information regarding how to protect yourself from identity theft later, but this is another reason that Internet Marketers must use even greater security measures.

Internet Marketers have information that potential identity thieves want. You have customer names, billing addresses, phone number, and email addresses.

You may also have credit card numbers; however, most payment processors are designed to encrypt that information, and there have been few instances where thieves have been able to obtain this information through a merchant’s payment processing gateway.

But the other information will give the thieves a head start regardless of this.

Aside from your own personal information, a thief or hacker is interested in the information that you have because of the customer information.

Your customers trust you to protect that information with everything you have, and therefore, more security is required.

Then there is the legal aspect of your business. You need a disclaimer so that customers can’t expect the impossible, or the not-so-average results, fail to get them, and then turn around and sue you because they didn’t.

There has always been a great deal of hype on the Internet, and now, there are laws to protect consumers from that hype. A disclaimer is necessary.

You also need Terms of Service, or TOS. This serves to protect you and your other customers. It basically tells customers how they are to behave while using your site and this is typically more geared to sites that are community based – where customers interact with each other.

Both the TOS and the disclaimer are covered in greater detail later.

You also have to protect your rights to any product that you create. This is especially difficult if you are dealing with information products, and it is a source of concern for most information product creators.

You also have to know how to use email properly, so that you not only protect your email account, but also because you need to ensure that you are following the law, and not putting your entire business – or your reputation – in jeopardy. Product rights and the proper use of email are also covered later.

It sounds like a great deal of work and worry, but the honest truth is that once you know what needs to be protected, and how to protect it, it isn’t overwhelming or hard.

It is just a matter of doing it. It is also a matter of keeping up with some basic technological advances, and also keeping up with what is going on in the dark world of hacking.

As an Internet Marketer, you have to think about protecting your computer, your website, and your information much like locking up your store at night and setting the alarm.

Think for just a moment about physical business. They have a good lock on the door. They have an alarm system. They probably have security cameras inside. They may even have a panic button that will quietly summon the police if there is a problem.

This is the kind of security that you need for your Internet Business – and without it, you are opening yourself, and your customers, up to a world of problems.

So, now that you know you need the added protection, where do you start? You start with understanding how to protect your identity, in the Internet Marketing world where anonymity isn’t really allowed.

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