Rotating Your Signature

Rotating Your Signature

Rotating Your Signature once you start building up posts on a few forums, you will be accumulating a lot of valuable “ad space”. The nice thing about most forums is that you can change your signature once, and it will update on all of the posts you have already made. Pretty cool huh?

I strongly suggest rotating your signature and experimenting with different things. This means not only trying out different products to promote, but even varying the wording you are using to get people to check out your stuff.

As those of you with pay per click experience can share, sometimes even changing just one single word can make a vast different in getting more people to check out your products.

I like to save every signature I create in a text file, so I can rotate them whenever I want. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

I suggest you view video #14 to see me talk more about rotating your signature.

Continuing a Discussion

Continuing a discussion is a great way to “keep the ball rolling” when you are involved in a thread. You see, when you first post in a thread, it is pushed to the top of the forum, and will get the most exposure, but over time if no one else responds, the thread will become buried after a short time.

Often times, someone will respond after you, and it will be up to you to respond back. Taking the time to revisit threads that you have already posted in gives you a chance to offer additional input and skyrocket it back to the top.

As threads gain steam, they are viewed by additional people, and once you have multiple posts in a thread, it will give you multiple times to be putting your product information in front of the forum!

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