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From the Desk of: Coyalita

Date: October 17, 2021

Hello everyone, I just thought I would reach out and tell you about

10 excellent videos I found speaking on PLR products.



Here below is a Transcript of the first video, check it out.

“Three PLR product mistakes to avoid. PLR products are the simplest way to start making money online needing to invest large amounts of money time word the necessity have any practical skills.

But that doesn’t say it making money through PLR product’s it’s a sure thing. Certainly an art to choosing the right product’s and their maximizing their earning potential.

So let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that you need to avoid how you can ensure you make the most money possible from your initial investment.

Mistake #1. one investing in the wrong product. This means buying a product by someone who doesn’t really care about the quality of their end product. Or who lacks the skill to make something worthwhile. The reseller is your job to provide value to your audience.

You need to add more value than what you are charging which should be easy since as you have no overhead once you have made the initial purchase.

If your item is written in Pidgeon English then you will have a backlash from your customers that will damage your reputation and will possibly lead to a bunch of returns.

Choose wisely and always do your research to ensure that the product has been find with care and attention to detail.

Mistake #2 : charging the wrong price.

Charging too much for what is a digital download is a quick way to offend your digital buyer to make far fewer sales than you otherwise could. Almost just as bad though use to charge too little for your product, instantly make it appear the less valuable and less interesting as a result.

Would you bother with a $3 download? You can probably get that information somewhere else for free. Ultimately the price you charge needs to reflect the quality of the product and the value that you offer. But that’s also something that you can test and tweak find the perfect selling point.

Mistake # 3 not doing enough marketing. With a good plr package you should not only get the actual product to start reselling but also materials to help you do that. Your responsibility is to make sure they know people are seeing those marketing materials and that’s where marketing comes in.

Whether you are using Adwords or a private mailing list make sure you are doing something to reach your audience.”

To tell you the truth I was absolutely amazed about PLR products after listening to the first video. I have sold a lot of filler products however I was not aware of all the states that one can make in selling them.

Fact is I actually never took it into consideration that my offering a lower price would be seen as “Almost just as bad though to charge too little for your product, instantly make it appear the less valuable and less interesting as a result.” now that really rocked my world.

I’ve always considered myself to be reasonable with my prices is the fact that I know there are many people who cannot afford hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase a product that will help them either do more marketing or for personal use making money.

Please don’t get me wrong, I have paid some high prices for the products that I sell. However, my intent has always been to help those get into the marketing business so that they could also make some money. Therefore, I see it as a way to help others get rolling.

My intent here is to sell these 10 videos on my website. As I stated earlier these are exceptional videos concerning PLR products and are teaching videos to help marketers and beginners who are selling PLR products.


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Warmest Regards, Coyalita


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