Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche ProfitsGenerating Traffic Initially, we are going to get some traffic by using a site that we have already used.

Head on over to and find some questions that relate to your niche. Make sure to answer the questions like you are genuinely concerned.

Directly below where you answer the question there is a box for “resource” . You are generally safe if you put 2 links in that box. So, make sure that your Squidoo lens is always one of them and then just alternate the others.

Chances are good that you will not see a ton of traffic by doing this, but you will get some trickles and maybe even a sale. This is especially true because you are putting your links in front of someone who needs what you are selling.

The main source of traffic will come through writing and publishing articles with sites like If you have already written articles and used them, then you already know that by far they are the best source of targeted free traffic that we have at our disposal.

As a rule, I recommend writing and publishing 3 articles per day for each niche you are in. You can scale that down to meet time constraints that you have, but 3 or more articles a day will give you a steady flow of traffic and allow you to start making sales sooner than later.

Don’t let the article writing intimidate you. Earlier we went over how to come up with article titles that will attract readers and how to come up with content. Just follow the same procedures and you will find it easy to come up with content daily.

While traffic is our main reason for writing the articles, there are other benefits. Remember earlier when we were “analyzing competition” we were paying close attention to the number of links that a site had coming in. Every time that you submit an article you are going to link it to your Squidoo lens which will give it another backlink for the search engines to consider when choosing where to rank your site. The more the better.

There are other ways of getting backlinks and traffic that you can do. This is kind of like extra credit though. You hear a lot of talk about generating traffic through the use of forums and other social sites and for good reason. These kinds of sites are for the most part open forums where people can post whatever they want and then have a discussion about issues.

One of my favorite ways to find places that are pertinent to my niche is for example, I just went and typed in “relationship advice” because it is the niche we have talked about throughout this and it gave me over 37,000 results of forums and other social mediums that I can register to and include a signature linking back to my Squidoo Lens as well as talk about the subject.

You can also take advantage of the social networking sites like and With these sites you can post a link to all of your virtual real estate as well as the articles that you write. This is just one other way that you can put your name out there and lead people to your content and ultimately try to convert them into buyers.

One thing that is very important and I can’t stress enough is that
where the article writing is concerned you have to be
CONSISTENT! If you aren’t, you very well could see your traffic and sales dry up.

The great thing about articles though, especially when you are dealing with low competition keywords, is you stand a great chance of landing a top ranking and getting hundreds of visitors a day because of it. Once this happens, you can make a decision on whether there are other keywords you can target or maybe move into another niche to give you an additional revenue stream.

Regards, Coyalita

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