Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche ProfitsPicking the Right Keywords Once you have your list of keywords together that you are going to be working with, list them in order of daily searches.

Since we are going to be dealing with relatively low competition, the number of competing sites does not really matter that much.

When checking Google for the competition of the keywords, keep a careful note of how many AdWords campaigns are showing up.

Obviously if you can find a keyword that is getting a couple hundred searches a day, low competition, and a decent amount of AdWords’ campaigns showing up, you very well could have found a jackpot.

There are many things that go into deciding which keywords are “the right ones.” One thing to keep an eye on is keywords that have negative value in them such as “free”. While you will surely find a ton of keywords with these types of words in them, often times they are simply not profitable.

Let’s say that you do find some keywords that generate a ton of visitors, but no sales. What do you do then?

Well, the first thing that I would recommend is to change the product that you are trying to sell them. It could just be that the sales page or the offer does not appeal to people the way that you thought it would.

If after changing the product you still don’t see any sales coming in, you might want to consider adding AdSense to either your own self hosted site or to a free platform like Blogger.

This will give you another revenue stream, even if it is only a couple of dollars a day, it still adds up over time.

Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Regards, Coyalita

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