Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche ProfitsAnalyzing Your Competition I have already gone over this a little bit, but this is an important part of the process so, some of the things need to be gone over a little more thoroughly.

When you plug the keyword into Google using quotation marks, there are a couple of things that you want to take note of.

What kind of sites are ranking high (are they authority sites?)

How many AdWords’ campaigns are being run (pay attention)

How many competing sites without quotation marks

The first bullet point above is probably the most important. This is true because it is going to be our goal to take over their position if they are on the first page of Google. Therefore, we have to see exactly how strong they are. This will tell us how much work we will have to put in for us to rank well.

One of the best indicators to me can be found by using Yahoo Site Explorer. Basically, we will be able to find out exactly how many links the site has coming in and exactly where they come from.

For the purpose of an example let’s go back and use the keywords from the relationship niche that we found earlier.

One of the first keywords we found was “relationship problem advice” so, let’s take a look at exactly what Google will tell us so that we can analyze it a little bit further.

When you plug the keyword into Google with quotation marks it shows that there are 8,770 competing sites. Now, take a look at the AdWords’ Ads that are running. Not only is there a full front page of 10 ads, but there are 11 more under “more sponsored links”

So far, we are looking really good. We have low competition and 21 people are spending money to get traffic from this particular keyword.

Let’s take it a step further though and analyze what the sites that already have top billing have going on. We are going to do this by analyzing what kind of links they have coming in and where they come from.

To do this, we are going to use Yahoo Site Explorer. So, open Yahoo up in a different tab. Make sure that Google is still open with the information regarding the keyword “relationship problem advice”

The first site you should see is go ahead and open that site up and you will see that the site does not really offer any good content. Honestly, it looks like it is set up to generate income through AdSense. So, we should be happy about that.

Copy the URL and click over to your Yahoo tab. Once there we are going to see how many links the site has by putting it in the Yahoo search bar in the following format:


Hit enter, what you see next usually is a bad sign. It shows that the site has over 4,000 links pointed to it. However, in this case, if you look closely enough, they are all internal links. This means that pretty much all of the links are coming from other pages on the site. Usually when I see that, I take that as a good sign.

After evaluating the first site, I’m not too worried. I’m fairly confident with a little bit of work, that first spot is attainable and I could have it with some patience.

Take a look at the second competing result in Google and lets analyze it the same way. The site you should be looking at is when you plug it into Yahoo using the same format as the first site, you will see that it has over 2,000 links pointing to it. However, again most of the links are coming from within the site with the exception of a couple of directories.

Another site with a couple thousand links pointing to it is not exactly what I wanted to see. However, because of where the links are coming from, I’m not that worried about it either.

Just to do a little more investigation, let’s do the same thing with the third site on the front page of Google. The URL that you should see is a URL within when you run it through site explorer you will see that there are only 9 links pointing to it.

The fourth competing site has about the same stats as the third.

From everything I have seen this is a keyword that I feel comfortable attacking with a fair amount of certainty that I can not only rank on the first page of Google, but that I can rank high on the first page. Therefore, I am going to put it aside as a good keyword to go after.

You are going to want to go through this process for each of the keywords that you have compiled. Make sure that you do this! Incomplete or sloppy research very well could hurt you in the long run.

Once you get it down, it shouldn’t take you any longer than a couple of minutes per keyword and you will be done a lot faster than you think. Even though it might seem tedious, this is part of the groundwork that you lay down to ensure that your campaign is successful.

No matter what you do, do not skip what we have talked about in this section. If you do, you could end up wasting a ton of time on keywords that are unattainable or even worse spending time ranking well for a keyword that is not profitable.

Regards, Coyalita

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