Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche Profits Coming Up with Content Now that we have our niche selected and the keywords that we are going to attack picked out, the next step is to create some content to generate traffic for us.

This can be done in a couple of ways. Personally, I like to use Google to do a little bit of research. Chances are good that just by entering your keywords in Google you are going to come up with a ton of useful stuff to write about.

One thing that I like to do even before checking Google though is to go to Yahoo Answers and search for variations of my keyword. This will tell me what problems people are having and what kind of solutions are being given to them.

If you pay really close attention you will pick up a couple great titles for articles and a list of different things that you can write about.

However, in this case because we have been using the keyword “relationship problem advice” what we are going to do right now is head on over to and type in a variation of our keyword, for now we will stick with “relationship problem”.

One of the first threads I see is:;_ylt=AjfoHesso6OOjY6FoiHn_40jzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20070818194709AAXJlYM

The title of the post is:

“How is ignoring someone ever a good solution to a relationship problem”

Just from the title of the post alone, I can come up with a couple of article titles right off the top of my head.

Relationship Problem Advice – Will Ignoring The problem Make It Go Away?

Relationship Problem Advice – Why Ignoring The Problem Will Not Help Your Relationship

Do you see what I am doing here? I am letting people that are having problems in this area of their life determine what my content is going to be.


I do it this way because there is not a whole lot of guess work. I do not have to wonder whether or not my content is something that people will want to read. People are already telling me that they are searching for this type of information to help them in their lives and their relationships.

Lets take a look at the next question and do the same thing. Even though this might seem repetitious on my part, I want to be absolutely certain that by the time you are done reading this guide you will be able to put it aside and carry all of these steps out on your own easily and with confidence that you are doing it correctly.

The next thread that I see is this one:;_ylt=AlQMMtUPl.5kDStTIA7a92MjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20070621211850AAsZP0b

The title of the question is, “what can I do to resolve this distance relationship problem”

Again, right off the bat a couple of different article titles come to mind.

Relationship Problem Advice – Is A Long Distance Relationship For You?

Relationship Problem Advice – How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Seem Close

Do you see what is going on? I could literally spend hours in Yahoo Answers and come up with 100 article titles and different problems that need to be addressed in this niche.

Now that we have a couple article titles, the next thing we have to do is come up with content for the articles. This is what I like to use Google and my own life experiences for.

You can also read other articles that are in circulation and put your own spin on things. I know that when I read almost any article, when I am done, I have ideas for how I could expand that topic in three different directions.

This does take a little bit of creativity on your part, but the more you do it, the easier it will come to you.

We now know how to come up with content to write about, so it is time to put it into action. A couple pages forward in this article we are going to set up our virtual real estate, but before we do that, we are going to need some fresh and interesting content to put on it.

The initial content that you have to create is kind of extensive, but keep in mind that you are opening up a new niche so there is some legwork involved. Don’t let it scare you away, if you do, you will be stuck in the same ruts that you find yourself in now.

This is what you are going to need:

● 1 unique article of about 600 words
● 3 rewrites of your 1 unique article
● 2 unique articles of about 300 words
● 3 rewrites of each of the 2 articles above

So, what we are doing is writing a total of 3 unique articles and then rewriting each of them 3 times. If you are creative and can come up with all unique articles and do not have to rewrite anything, thats great!

That is always an option, but what I am doing here is trying to make it as easy as possible to get started.

There are also other ways to come up with content. You can look for PLR material that relates to your niche or you can even outsource the article writing all together. If you decide to go the PLR route, make sure that you completely rewrite the entire article so that it is unique to only you.

Once you have all of your content ready to go, make sure that you save it. I recommend to start a new folder for each one of your niches. This will help you stay organized and allow you to find everything quickly and easily.

Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Regards, Coyalita

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