Target Qualified Sales Prospects

Target Qualified Sales Prospects

By Coyalita Linville

Target Qualified Sales Prospects – It’s doesn’t necessarily mean that prospecting for new customers means contacting as many people as possible.

The reality is that more calls do not necessarily generate more sales. Sales reps rarely get lists of potential customers that have been boiled down to real prospects.

Often it means that, to be successful, a cold calling campaign must follow a rigorous multi-step process.

Use these steps to improve your cold-calling and prospecting:

1. Identify Target Industries

Certain industries are more likely to need your product. Some have clearly defined buying cycles. Narrow your target industries to ones that have both moneys to spend and a high likelihood of spending it on your product. The final list should include one or two industries.

2. Define Target Job Titles

Your next challenge: Find the people in your target organizations in charge of buying your product or most likely to influence its purchasing decision.

In most cases, these buyers and influencers have specific titles and positions. Limit your list to the top three job titles.

3. Create a Prospect List

If you already have a massive list of potential customers, delete everyone not in a target industry and/or without a target title. If you don’t have such a list, purchase one that fits your target industry’s demographics. Aim to create a list of potential customers who actually have the need and authority to buy your product.

4. Develop an Emotional Message

Put yourself in the shoes of the prospective customer. Based on your understanding of the person’s industry and job title & determining the problem — which your product solves — that keeps the prospect awake at night.

Develop a message that plays to that fear and piques the prospective customers’ interest in your product. These examples demonstrate the power of emotional messages over factual ones:

Factual Message: We have the best alarm systems in the world.

Emotional Message: What would happen if your premises were left vulnerable?

Factual Message: Our fasteners are far above industry standards.

Emotional Message: Would your clients be happy if you used an inferior product?

Factual Message: Our network consultants are industry certified.

Emotional Message: Why risk your company data to uncertified consultants?

5. Test Your Suspect List and Your Message

Call several individuals on your list to confirm your targets are, in fact, the right people to call. You should also deliver your message to gauge its effectiveness. If there’s a disconnect, reexamine your assumptions, and go back to step one.

6. Prepare Them for Your Message

Get your carefully crafted message in front of the potential customer two or three times before making a prospecting sales call. The message can be communicated via email, letter, mailer, advertisement or trade show presentation, but you should never make cold calls unless you’ve primed the customer to be receptive.

Laying the groundwork makes it far more likely that a potential customer will actually listen to a sales rep’s call.

Regards, Coyalita

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