Timeless Sales Strategies Seeing People… Does It Work?

Timeless Sales Strategies Seeing People… Does It Work?

Timeless Sales Strategies Seeing People… Does It Work? If you join certain sales organizations or network marketing companies, they will keep telling you to, “See the people, see the people”. However, do you have the slightest guest at how the other party feels about them? Put yourselves in their shoes.

If you are a salesman and you are driving all over town trying to meet up with all your prospects during lunch then you are probably frustrated with getting stood up or meeting up with unenthusiastic clients who are not too happy to see you to begin with.

Just like cold calling, cold contacting these prospects is not the best way to communicate value to them even if it is done face to face. Once again, you are going to them and they are not coming to you.

A lot of network marketing reps run all over town trying to ‘show the plan’ to their prospects, only to result in rejection or an unenthusiastic response.

They think just because they get time in front of their prospects, they will become millionaires if they do it over and over again.

You see, it is hard because the customer doesn’t perceive you as an expert and will not respect you as one. The customer is also not as educated about your product or service; therefore you will be facing an uphill battle to win their attention.

Sometimes you may be very nervous because they are in command, and you are not! You might even become worried about your running cost and your ‘conversion’ rate because you have to spend a lot of time going through the no’s before you get to a yes!

Marketing is not sales. ‘Sales’ is not marketing. Don’t confuse the two! Trying to start a business without proper marketing techniques will lead to frustration and failure!

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