Timeless Sales Strategies Using Strategies That Stand The Test of Time

Timeless Sales Strategies Using Strategies That Stand the Test of Time

Timeless Sales Strategies Using Strategies That Stand the Test of Time – Here are a few sales strategies that will stand the test of time and you can apply it to any business you are in:

Find Only People Who Want Your Wares

This is a very simple mindset that most salesmen fail to understand. If you want to sell and you want to sell EFFECTIVELY, you must only look for customers who WANT your product in the first place!

In online marketing, it is referred to as driving TARGETED TRAFFIC.

It is much more effective; you don’t have to convince people so much and you will get more sales (and in record time too).

Remember this principle when you are dealing with your customers:

Don’t Try and Sell a Bible to a Muslim!

Find a Way to Capture Leads

Lead capture is very important. Because people don’t want to buy the first time they see a product. Remember, statistics have been proven right over and over again when they
say that people normally buy new stuff after they’ve seen it (or the item being advertised) more than 7 times.

You can create your own database of customers or a mailing list.

The most important thing about having a list is so you can reach that ‘7th’ time before they get away or they get distracted by other advertising.

This brings us to the next point…

Build Solid Relationships

New sales and repeat sales usually come through solid relationships built in the past. We are all human beings. Before someone purchases a product from you, you have to grab their trust.

And in order to achieve it, you have get them to trust you in the subconscious level (they may be a total stranger but even a kind word or a guarantee may ‘touch’ someone and secure your sale!)

Don’t drive your prospects away. Take your time with them. After all, if you spend so much time dealing with every single prospect that knocks on your door, you are just like
an eagle who cases after two rabbits – both usually gets away because you don’t have focus!

So, focus on building solid relationships and you will get your sales soon enough.

Regards, Coyalita

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