Tracking Your Results

Tracking Your Results

Tracking Your Results, it is crucial that you track what you are doing. (“Journaling Series | Daily Ramblings…”) In my experience, I have marketed on several forums and while some worked wonderfully for my business, others were disappointing. Thankfully, I kept a close watch on things and invested more efforts into the successful forums and pulled back from the duds.

Whenever someone clicks on your signature, they are coming to your website, it is best if you can track this. If it is your own personal website, you can just keep an eye on your website statistics using an interface like awstats through cPanel (available on many hosts). If you are promoting with an affiliate link (not recommended), you will need to run your link through some sort of tracking software.

Fortunately, there are some free ones out there, such as:

I do want to encourage you however, to take the time to get an actual domain to promote something through. Say, for example, you are promoting a click bank product. What I would do is pick up a cheap hosting account and create a onepage website on it. This page would then focus on “pre-selling” the product you are promoting. Preselling is a quite common tactic in affiliate marketing and is a bit out of the scope of what we are discussing here, but still I wanted to mention and recommend it.

I suggest you view video #13 to hear me talk a bit more about tracking your results.

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