Turning the Herd Into Cash

Turning the Herd Into Cash

Turning the Herd Into CashExcitement! – Have you ever noticed that when somebody is really excited about something, and they are describing whatever they are excited about, pacing back and forth, talking fast, breathing heavy, that it gets your heart racing as well?

Excitement is contagious, and this can be huge if you use it online.

The herd always responds well to excitement.

Notice how infomercials on television always have some nut who is hyped up like crazy either selling the product, or giving a testimonial on what the product did for them.

When people get excited in the forums online about something, everybody else following that posts seems to follow suit. Excitement is a core component of getting social proof strategies to work effectively.

Take the American Idol example. If Julie really liked one of the contestants on there and just thought that person was great and should definitely win the show and was completely excited about it when she told her friend, then the friend would much more easily accept Julie’s opinion of that contestant being good.

Now there is 2 of them. If those 2 (Julie and her friend) told a third friend about how good that contestant is, the third friend would be even more accepting because not 1 but 2 of her friends involved.

It is already becoming a ‘mini herd’ in a way. If these people are really excited about this whole thing, they go online and find others just like them and join that herd of thinking.

What started with few became many all with the same line of thinking that they may not have had before they got sucked in by the herd mentality.

Ever notice how a friend of yours who is always upbeat or laughs a lot makes you more upbeat or laugh more than you usually do? It’s contagious.

Get people excited about you, your company, and your products. Add viral elements to the equation so that those people will bring in others and get them excited as well.

This is one way that some people generate much more traffic to their web sites than others.

They get their visitors excited about them and their products and those people tell their friends.

If you get your visitors to your web site to tell 1 of their friends each, well you just doubled your traffic.

Regards, Coyalita

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