Turning the Herd Into Cash

Turning the Herd Into Cash

Turning the Herd Into CashSelling the Dream Everybody wants “The easy dream”. The easy dream is simply that, the easiest way for somebody to live their dreams.

The easiest (and often the laziest) way to accomplish a goal or get a job done will always be a big seller.

If it’s weight loss, then popping a pill is much more attractive than doing 30 minutes of cardio exercise per day.

Everybody knows that doing cardio exercise every day is an effective way to lose weight right? But who wants to do that? That’s just more work added to our lives.

But, popping a pill once or twice per day isn’t work. It doesn’t require 30 minutes or an hour of time that we could be sitting on our butts watching TV.

It doesn’t require us to sweat and put forth any sort of real effort. Because it requires no work, the pill popping idea of losing weight sells big!

If it’s Internet marketing, then the “already made, set it and forget it” technology will generate sales.

Who wants to sit there and spend days or weeks creating a product, writing a sales letter, researching a market, etc…

“If all of that is already done for me, I’m in!” (says the herd mind)…

Whatever the easy way to live the dream is, us marketers can use in our marketing to sell more product.

Can you sell the dream? This is where stepping into your customer’s shoes and looking through their eyes comes in. If you can do that, you know what they want, what their dreams, goals and desires are.

A good example of the easy way out is a Staples commercial. Have you seen that commercial where somebody is having a problem getting supplies, and then they find the “Easy Button” which is a big red button that they push and all of a sudden, everything is done for them.

That is exactly what people want in every product that they buy- the big red easy button. They push it, and all of their problems are instantly solved. Find a way to sell that concept in your marketing and you will make a lot of money.

An easy way to do that is by selling them the dream and the easy way to get it.

Sell what people want to buy. Sell the easy dream.

Regards, Coyalita

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