Understanding Scholarships

Understanding Scholarships

Understanding ScholarshipsScholarships and Nationality: Your Guide Studying abroad, whether on a temporary or permanent placement can be extremely exciting and is a fantastic opportunity to really experience the world whilst living a different culture for a set period of time.

You get the chance to meet people of different backgrounds, values and ideals and immerse yourself in their way of life. It will change your perspective and make you a more complete person.

When the opportunity to study abroad comes up, all of the above means that only a fool would turn it down. The last thing you think about is exactly how you will afford it. You would be surprised at how much more expensive studying abroad can be, even if you are only going to be elsewhere for a semester.

As a result, it would be wise to look into scholarships and grants. The one question you should ask yourself, though, is does nationality make any difference to your chance of getting funding? The answer is a resounding yes!’

However, it is not an answer in the affirmative to the end that you think it would apply to! Studying abroad does not hinder your chances of getting a scholarship or grant.

In fact, it helps it because there are so many more bodies you can apply to and petition to get funding so you can truly experience the world by living somewhere else.

There are literally thousands of scholarships around the world that are aimed at studying abroad students, although some are only offered to individuals that plan to spend an extended period of time elsewhere in the world.

Nationality does not seem to matter because most stipulate geographical bounds in terms of study or are aimed at a specific type of person. Gender, age and ethnicity are popular categories.

If you do want further information about studying abroad, nationality and the scholarships that you could apply for it, take a look at www.studyabroad.org.

This is a comprehensive website that allows individuals to take a look at what exactly is on offer for anyone to apply for. The list is fantastic and it gives you all the information you need to get started.

So, what about nationality and scholarships in this country?

Nationality may actually make it easier for an American citizen to get funding than it would a non-American student. There is no hard and fast rule that states no foreign national can apply for a scholarship offered by an American company or body if studying in this country, although it is imperative that they do study in this country.

However, a high percentage of the scholarships on offer to students do have clauses in the terms and conditions stating that applicants do have to be an American citizen in order to continue onto the next phase of selection.

It is completely up to the company or body as to whether they consider nationality as a reason for exemption, but this does mean that the money is kept within the USA, which is why many companies do attach that clause to their scholarship terms.

Many see it as unfair if an individual with another nationality applies because they stand a chance of beating an American out. Although this is effectively discrimination and a foreign student may actually look the best on paper, it still stands and will probably never be removed from some of the scholarships that carry it now.

Funding, especially scholarships and grants, are designed to help students. Some will help all comers whereas others do discriminate on nationality. This has become even more pronounced since the terror attack on September 11, 2001.

This is understandable because by reducing the applicants to only United States citizens, they are cutting the risk that their scholarships could admit terrorists to the country.

Although it is the university or college that issues the visa, scholarship committees want no part of it.

Considering all of the terror suspects were admitted on student visas, you could see why they want no part of it! However, this does not help legitimate students one little bit and these rules will not be broken any time soon.

Regards, Coyalita

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