Video #3 Backward Funnel Blueprint

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Welcome back. This is called The Biggest Mistake.

This is Video #3. We’re going to talk about why working forward just doesn’t work, but just not as fast. So, what happens is often times, people will try to create their sales funnel by creating the lead magnet or freebie first.

When I say lead magnet or freebie, what I’m referring to is what you give away in exchange for somebody’s email so that they sign up on your list – they get a free report, a free video, free eBook, or whatever you’re trying to give them in exchange for the email address. You could give a coupon as well and they get on your list. You can email them, build a relationship with them and things like that. So, that’s what a lead magnet or freebie is.

Then after that, a lot of people then create the front-end offer, the one-time offer, which essentially is an offer that is presented after somebody purchases the front-end offer.

So, after I buy an online video course on How to Save Taxes, the one-time offer is presented to me – maybe a monthly membership site, maybe something else, or maybe a done-for-you package; and that would be a one-time offer that I would be seeing. But they would say something like, “You can buy it now or you can buy it for double the price later on.” So, that essentially is a one-time offer.

Then what typically happens after that is a high-ticket offer. So, you could have several one-time offers and then a high-ticket offer. That high ticket offer could be something like consulting or things like that. So, essentially, we’re moving from the beginning to the end. But what happens by doing this, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just takes more time coz you’re thinking from the point of view of … “Okay, I start with a lead magnet. I start there and I move forward all the way to the high-ticket offer.”

But if your high-ticket offer is what you want most people to buy or you want to sell that in the end and you want to have a high-converting model, you kind of want to work backwards and I’ll show you in just a minute why. Like I said, most people never get past building their front end offer and you don’t want that to happen to you.

So, essentially, lead magnet – go forward to the front-end offer – to the one-time offer – to the one time offer #1, #2, and then of course the #3. What happens here is, you get caught up in the formalities. The logical brain kicks in, which causes innovative mind block. So, the logic brain clashes with the creative brain and then you get stuck, frustrated, you can’t move forward, you can’t reach the end result, which is creating your whole sales funnel.

So, why work backwards? Well, by working backwards, you’ll have started with the end results in mind, which in this example is One Time Offer #3. But you want to start with your highest ticket offer first. By doing this, this is going to help you see the bigger picture and create a higher converting funnel because each product will be congruent. Congruency means that everything is related.

So, for example, if I had a one-time offer on the end that had something to do with tax consulting. And then I had something right before that, that’s kind of related to consulting but maybe lawyer consulting – nothing related to tax consulting. That would mean that it’s not congruent.

Congruency may be the high expensive offer may be is tax consulting; the one before that maybe relates to a monthly membership site with tax tips. So, because they’re both related to tax, that’s what we call congruency. Congruency, you want to make sure that that’s something that your audience wants from Day 1. Day 1 is going to be the lead magnet.

The opposite of congruency would obviously be lacking congruency. This normally happens from the freebie offer all the way to the one time offer all the way to the high-ticket offer, which creates low conversions. Now, all of this doesn’t really make sense. You’re just thinking, “Oh, this is just a bunch of mumbo-jumbo conceptual theoretical stuff.”

No. Hold on just a minute because I’m about to show you everything and it’s going to all make sense. All right, I just want to make sure that you understand that you need to be congruent, which is the main thing. When you work backwards, by working backward, you ensure that everything is congruent, and you don’t really have to worry about that. In fact, besides congruency, you will be able to create the product funnel faster just by creating the high-ticket item first. Creating everything will be very, very fast. You could speed the process up like crazy.

That brings us to Video #4, which is Your High-Ticket Offer. Let’s see you in that video.

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Backward Funnel Blueprint

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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