Video #6 Backward Funnel Blueprint Front-End Offer

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Welcome to Video #6. This is The Front-End Offer. So, with the front-end offer, you simply look at the first one-time offer, and you grab a piece of that. When I say grab a piece of that, I mean, really just grab some tips, grab some content and then you create the front-end offer. Now, the front-end offer could be elaborated upon and expanded upon, you can add things to it and things like that.

As an example, before, the One Time Offer #1 with the example before would be 3 to 4 months of tax tips. With taxes always updating and regulations and things like that; you got 3 to 4 months of tax tips.

Then the Front-End Offer – that, if you grab a piece of that, will essentially be maybe an eBook with checklists and action workbooks. Maybe you take a couple of those tips and elaborate upon them, or you can start with a more basic view of how to save taxes in general or maybe the Top 20 things that people forget to deduct during tax time. Once you’ve done that, you can even expand on it, and you can throw in things like screenshots, infographics, images and other things like that.

As you can see, this is pretty easy, right?

Though if it’s not super clear, don’t worry because we’ll actually do some more examples in Video #8. Before we get to Video #8 of course, I’m going to talk about the last item in the backward funnel method, which is Your Lead Magnet, which is something you’ll want to give away for free in exchange for people to sign up onto your list as prospects so you can build that list, build a relationship with them, and of course sell your products.

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Backward Funnel Blueprint

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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Backward Funnel Blueprint

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