Video # 7 Backward Funnel Blueprint

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Video # 7 Backward Funnel Blueprint

Welcome to Video #7. We’re going to talk about Your Lead Magnet, which is crucial. If you do not get your lead magnet right, then often times, you will attract people with very different mindsets, very different audiences. And when they get to your front-end offer, into your one-time offer, it really doesn’t make sense to them, especially if it is not congruent.

That’s why we take a piece of everything, and we move backwards. By doing that, you create a lead magnet that is super targeted to everything from here on out – your front-end offer, one time offer, everything. That’s how you create a high converting funnel.

Okay, so we left off at the front-end offer. What I want you to do is think of the Top 5 questions that one would ask in relation to the content that you already have. Looking at the front-end offer, what I want you to do is extract parts of the front-end offer, such as video, audio, eBooks, reports. Basically, what you’re trying to do is create content pieces, part of the whole, and give it away for free.

Essentially, what do I mean by this?

Let’s say for example, taking the previous example, the front-end offer was an eBook with information on how to save taxes, maybe the Top 20 things that you forgot to deduct off of your taxes. Maybe out of that content, you try to find the Top 5 questions out of that content that somebody would ask and that you’ve already covered. So maybe one of those items happen to be your 401K or your traditional IRA.

So, traditional IRAs, you only need to know exactly the details. By investing money into a traditional IRA, rather than a Roth IRA for example, you can save money from more taxes. So, it’s not the typical thing that people think about but it’s something that you can use to save taxes on.

So, maybe you could take a piece of that, and you can kind of pinpoint the questions about that and then you can turn it into a video, audio, eBook, or report. That’s what I mean by this right here. So, you’re creating mini pieces of content, little parts of the whole.

By doing this, you’re creating little mini lead magnets so you could essentially create many lead magnets. If somebody with the mindset of “I want to save taxes,” “I want to figure out what I can deduct that I haven’t already deducted,” and they sign up for that list, they get that free report, video, eBook on how to save taxes; they learn something really good, you present them with a front end offer that gives them more tips on saving taxes, they’re more likely to actually buy your front end offer, the one-time offer, your high end ticket and things like that.

Even if you were a service-based business, you can still find ways to give away tips, advice, content through videos, different audios, different platforms and things like that.

Because you work backwards, everything from your lead magnet to your front-end offer, to all your one time offers to all up to the point of your expensive one-time offer is congruent. This means if you attract somebody in the beginning, they’re going to be interested all the way to the end.

Once you have your lead magnet in hand, then what you can do is you can take one of the 5 freebies or how many that you want to start out with, and you want to start implementing them. What you want to do is you want to set them up on a squeeze page. A squeeze page essentially is a landing page that presents the offer or presents the freebie and tries to get them to sign up onto your email list.

There are many different programs that allow you to set up squeeze pages. One of them is Lead Pages is great – great templates. In fact, I’d say, probably their advantage is their templates. – they have OK templates. Their templates are a little bit harder to edit but they’re good if you need the basics.

Lead Pages in my opinion has a lot better templates, better editing system. But also has some good system as well. But – great for video motion backgrounds, creating squeeze pages very, very easily. And it’s very, very powerful.

Now, let’s move onto Video #8 and talk about some practical application.

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Best Wishes, Coyalita

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