Video #8 Backward Funnel Blueprint Practical Application

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Backward Funnel Blueprint

Video #8 Backward Funnel Blueprint Practical Application

Hello and welcome to Video #8. This is what we call Practical Application. We’re going to show you some 5 minutes examples.

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of this course. We still have another video after this but that’s kind of a bonus. But by this point, you’ve understood how to implement the backward funnel method. Now, what we’re going to do is my going to show you this in action.

This is what I call speed creation of high converting sales funnels. Let me hop on over to Notepad. I’m going to show you exactly step-by-step. We’re going to take some niches, examples, and things like that. I’m going to build out the sales funnel using this blueprint. All right? So, let’s hop on over to Notepad.

Okay, so what I’m going to do now is I’ve got a stopwatch right in front of me and when I pick and choose a product or a niche or sub-niche, I’m going to start the stopwatch and then I’m going to let you know exactly how long it took me to create the sales funnel using the backward funnel method. All right.

So, let’s start out with a service. Perhaps that service can be maybe a local business, a local contractor. Let’s do something like a plumber.

I’m going to start the clock here. There we go.

As a plumber, you want to think about your most expensive item first. So, obviously, that would be big projects. This could be applicable to other local contractors and things like that – so big projects. To make sure that it is enticing, you might want to give a % off. So, if they get the big project up to this point, you’re willing to give a certain % off.

Now, if we take a piece of that and we create a one-time offer before that, we can do something like a contract like a – sometimes, they’ll do annual contracts, which can give people a % off. So, we take a piece of this, and we move it down over here. All right? Maybe the annual contract, when somebody gets into your annual contract, you give them like 10% off.

So, as they are part of your annual contract, and they do decide to get the project done, you could give them that 10% off. But in order to do that, they have to pay like a $75/year contract. Any projects from that point on, they get 10% off. For big projects, maybe $1,000 plus they get 20% off. This essentially could be the one-time offer.

With plumbers, you probably don’t have as much tiers as you would if you were doing consulting, if you were doing eBooks, if you’re doing information products and things like that. Now, enough talk, I’m going to keep going here.

So, big project, annual contract – that could be the one-time offer, that could be the front-end offer.

The free consultation maybe coz a lot of times, local contractors would do free consultations. So, to get your foot on the door, to figure out what is wrong with the person’s house, as far as plumbing or local contracting goes, you can have free consultation to figure out what is wrong. That could be our front-end offer. That could be our one-time offer. Actually, that would be our front end offer and that would be the one-time offer. That could be our freebie and there we go.

As of now, it is 2 minutes and 55 seconds. That’s how long it took me to create this using the backward funnel method. I’m going to reset the clock here and let’s go ahead and do this. Let’s choose something on Amazon. I was thinking about diet plans.

Let’s say for example that you have your own diet plan. Maybe, you’re a dietitian or maybe you’re a consultant in this area or wherever. So, this can be applicable to anyone who has a consulting business, who has information product business or whatever. So, let’s say for example, let’s take this example – Paleo for Beginners. So, Paleo Diet. Let’s just jot that down. So, it’s kind of like a raw food diet. Let’s just do diet plan.

I’m going to start the clock.

Let’s say hypothetically that you are the expert. So, you are an expert. As far as your most expensive item will be, we don’t know how many one-time offers we’re going to have so I’m just going to do One Time Offer, Front End Offer, and then Freebie.

So, the most expensive item could be one-on-one consulting or one-on-one coaching. Because as you know with dieting, it’s kind of an on-going process. So, you kind of need somebody to be a coach especially with fitness and weight loss kind of stuff as well. Coaching would be the most expensive item.

Maybe we want to do another one-time offer. Maybe we want to do OTO #1, #2, and #3. So, we’re going to take a piece of that. We can’t really coach every single person out there. But what is the best of both worlds as far as coaching goes? So, you can’t coach everybody. You probably could do maybe a Facebook group. And then you can teach a broader amount of people like 5, 10, 15, 20, to 25 people at one time. This could be monthly recurring.

The one-on-one coaching could be like $500-$1,000 per month. And then the monthly here, if people cannot afford that, they could be paying $250/month. They don’t get necessarily extremely one-on-one coaching, but they get tips and everything like that.

And then the one-time offer could be a part of that and take a piece of that out and that would be instead of monthly, we’re going to take maybe 5-7 months’ worth of OTO #2. So, that way, we don’t really have to start from scratch. We could easily grab that information, take a piece of that, and we can offer that. That would be a one price point – maybe $97.

And then you have a front-end offer, which you could offer that at let’s say $47 and that is the diet plan itself. So, we could have 5-7 months’ worth, and the diet plan itself and then you take a piece of that. Maybe you have a couple of diet plans with 50 recipes.

And then the freebie would be a couple of recipes. So, you could take a couple of recipes like 5 total recipes. That could be equivalent to 5 freebies for list building. Or you could do 5-day autoresponder series of 5 different recipes and perhaps 5 different recipes (your best recipes). All right.

So, I’m going to stop the clock. It is exactly 4 minutes and 28 seconds. So, I was able to create all of that in less than 5 minutes and I was talking through it as well. I wasn’t just – bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. I was talking through the process so it’s probably about half that time to be able to go through it as you can see here.

So, essentially, this one here can deal with information products or even consulting. And of course, this one here is mainly service-based businesses. This should cover the majority of different businesses that are out there.

Now, of course, we don’t have physical products. So, with a physical product, it is slightly different, but you can still use this on physical products as well. So, why don’t we just do that right now as the last example?

Okay, so when we look at a physical product and we go to for example. One thing that you can use for is by looking at what people buy and what are the things that are related to the product itself? For example, if we’re selling to people specifically who want to grow cherry tomatoes, tomatoes of different kinds then of course, there are different items here for different purposes for tomatoes.

So, if I was a local business or somebody owning a website perhaps and my goal here was to sell different items that can help somebody who is really focused in on growing the juiciest, the plumpest tomatoes then this is something that you can do.

If we go over to here, if we think about the reasons why people buy – time, saving money – and those are the main two objections. So, you could incorporate into your sales funnel some sort of done-for-you that saves time, saves money and so forth. Let’s say for example that I am a local gardener and I sell plants and tomatoes, tomato plants, plants in general, and things like that.

So, I’m going to start the clock here. Let’s brainstorm.

The ultimate goal for somebody who wants to grow a plant or grow a tomato is for the plant to grow so that it doesn’t have disease. So, we kind of jot down objections or fears or things like that.  So, saving time and saving money to get the plumpest tomatoes. So, instead of focusing on just plants, let’s just focus on tomatoes. If you know anything about plants and gardening and everything like that, you’ll notice that some companies will sell seeds that are modified or non-GMO or GMO. But they’ll sell these seeds that have the ability to grow really well because of their past history.

So, what you could do is essentially, the biggest item could be getting people in the door to buy that item but in addition to that, accessories such as tomato cages, things that help speed up the process, and that could be your most expensive item. So, that could be One Time Offer #3.

And you could say, “Hey, since you bought One Time Offer #2” or “you’ve bought the front-end offer, we’re going to give you this discount” so forth and so forth. So, % discount.

And then, of course, we have here the front-end offer – could be disease free tomato plants.  So, essentially, you’re taking a piece of – so a piece of “to help speed things up”, “disease free.” And I’m just making stuff up – stuff like “don’t need to water as much” so that will save time and “half the cost.” So, that will also save money.

And then of course, we take a piece of that and of course, we get from that, we got that, and of course the freebie – could be maybe one free seed. Somebody that could actually test out on their own so that they fall in love with it and they come back to it and things like that or even free information on how to make your tomatoes plump and juicy. So, essentially, the freebie could be information as well.

So, there we have it and that was created pretty shortly. So, we have the One Time Offer, Front End Offer, and Freebie. That was for a local gardener or a physical product.

As you can see in here, we have the plumber, which is a service-based business, consulting here and coaching, and then of course, the physical item. Don’t forget that you can always use information as a freebie. You don’t always have to use a physical product. So, you can use information if you’d like to. If somebody walks into your store, you can have pamphlets and stuff like that to give them knowledge, to gain their trust, and so forth. And there we go.

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