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Write & Create eBooks: Using Affiliate Links in Your E-book. 

Write & Create eBooks: Using Affiliate Links in Your E-book. You can place affiliate links for other companies in your E-book and earn a commission every time someone orders a product from your link.

This sounds easy… but WATCH OUT!

Be very careful not to fill up your copy with links to your affiliate programs, because if you do, your readers will find this unprofessional, and think that you’re out for a quick buck…

… result: your E-book will be deleted.

People who download eBooks’ nowadays want quality info and useful content.

Never forget that they don’t want to make YOU better.

People only care about THEMSELVES!

So, if you have to use an affiliate link, do it sparingly so your readers will not realize you are trying to sell them something.

Now, you may think that readers don’t like this kind of “soft-selling”.

But it’s not true.

People don’t mind if or when you suggest a useful product that can help them. In some cases, they will “thank you” for showing them the right way.

A while ago I had one of my Ecourse subscribers ask me for my affiliate link for a product that he wanted to buy.

He explained that he could also buy the product via his own affiliate link, but he didn’t want to, because this has his own way of saying “Thanks for the help”…

Remember that when you use affiliate links, you offer products that interest your reader.

Don’t EVER try to sell something that you wouldn’t buy yourself, or your reputation will be destroyed forever.

Here’s an example on how to use affiliate links:

Suppose you create an E-book or report with tips and recipes to make tasty cakes -or cookies.

Your book will cater to people who like to cook, so you can include an affiliate link to an online bookstore that sells cooking books, or an online company that sells cooking material.

– Important: Your giving away an E-book or report should help your readers to solve a problem.

Keep this in mind, and people will start trusting you… and sales will follow…

Of course, you will need to spread the word about your E-book once it is done.

After all, that’s why you wrote it, right? To profit from it.

Here are a few good ways…

* Add a link to your Ebook sales page in your sig file.

* Propose a joint venture with Ezine Publishers in your target market, and ask them if they would like to promote -or recommend- your book, in return for a 50% commission through your affiliate program. (TIP: Use Clickbank or JVZoo.)

* You can sell your E-book via other online bookstores like:
https://www.createspace.com or http://www.smashwords.com

* Submit your E-book sales page to Google

* Buy Facebook ads to lead people to your book.

* Buy Twitter ads.

* Buy advertising space in an Ezine that covers your target audience. If you don’t have the money, you can give away a copy of your E-book to the Ezine publisher in return for a prominent sponsor ad.

* Let people personalize a copy of your E-book demo with their own affiliate link and let them give your E-book away from their own site.

* Use a signup form on your web site, and ask all your visitors to leave their name and email address in return for a sample copy of your E-book. (If they don’t buy it the first time, you can follow up on them later.

It’s been proven that most people never buy a product after the first contact. Following up is essential if you want to profit.)

If you need an email list service, Aweber and Getresponse are the best way to go.

Regards, Coyalita

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