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Write & Create eBooks: About the Creative Process of Writing.

Write & Create eBooks: About the Creative Process of Writing – Now, before you say: “I can’t write an E-book, because I never took a writing class, and I have nothing to write about”, listen here…

ANYONE with a passion about a subject that he -or she- likes can write.

Think of your hobbies.

Think about what people ask you for advice.

What do you do for fun?

What are you reading a lot about?

What special skills do you have?

You see, writing isn’t rocket science…

Just be persistent and determined and you will succeed. If you know a lot about dogs, gardening, scuba diving, or whatever you care about, you have KNOWLEDGE!

And knowledge is all it takes to write!

Sharing knowledge is an extremely profitable business online.

Ideas for an E-book can be found everywhere, and the Internet has made it even easier to come up with a subject for an original E-book.

You can use newsgroups, forums and discussion lists to find out what people need, and then fill in that market.

If you do some research online, type in the keywords of your Ebook in the search engines, you’ll get dozens of ideas and tips that you can use to write a whole chapter in no time.

So, stop being afraid and get started on the keyboard 🙂

Really, you don’t have to go for the Pulitzer Prize, if you start writing.

On the contrary…

You should always try to write like you speak to a good friend.
Be clear, and to the point when you make a statement.

Remember, it’s not about HOW you write, it’s about WHAT you have to say.

People love to read clear lines, and if you use lots of white space between your paragraphs, you’ll keep the readers interested.

Don’t forget the “KIS” system… KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Now that you have your idea, you’re ready to start doing the real stuff, that is… writing 🙂

One more important thing…

Before you start hitting those keys, ask yourself if there is an audience waiting for your book, or are you going to be your own reader?

Do some research. Visit some online forums where people talk about your subject.

Check out Google to see what people are looking for. Find out what they need. And how you can help them with a problem. And then fill in that market.

It’s a mistake that many new authors make… so, make sure there are people willing to read or buy your book before you write it.

Otherwise… DO NOT WRITE IT ;-

Regards, Coyalita

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